Forex Wall Street Original Robot

Forex Wall Street Original Robot review:

There are many similar advisors on the Internet:

  • Trio Dancer
  • Wall Street Bot (WSB)
  • WSB Bot
  • BTCash
  • Alfa Trend Bot
  • Profit FX
  • Pride FX
  • STB Smart Traiding Bot

All of them were made from the same adviser, but why, none of them thought who is the real author of the original adviser?

Decided to release a version for MT4 and thus put a final end to this issue.

Removed all unnecessary in my opinion functions that have shown themselves for a period of more than 5 years is bad and not effective.

A large part of the set of configuration files from the above advisers will be suitable for this EA.

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  • Trading Mode-the mode of choosing the direction of trade or completely disabling the expert Advisor.
  • Max orders count-limit the maximum number of positions for all strategies.
  • MM – automatic calculation of the lot
  • Divider-divider in the calculated lot formula: 0.00001*Account_Balance/Divider
  • Lots – initial lot size if MM = false
  • Lot exponent-multiplier of the subsequent lot when averaging
  • Max Lot-limit the maximum lot, when a lot is reached or exceeded, the next lot will be set
  • Continue trading-allows you to trade all 3 strategies, if disabled, the so-called ‘Drying ‘ mode will turn on. In this mode, the EA will work to close all strategies in profit and wait for a command from the user.
  • Use TF by Max Orders – when the limit of the number of orders is reached, all strategies switch to the trading mode on the specified timeframe.
  • Max Orders – number of orders, after which the EA switches the timeframe for signals.
  • Trend Start – the number of the knee from which the order in the opposite direction begins to open additionally, counting on taking additional profit if the price moves against the trend.
  • Trend Exponent-the multiplier of the lot opened during averaging when the Trend Start function is enabled.
  • Drowdown-the drawdown level in % at which the EA stops opening the first orders on the strategies, but brings the open ones to a positive result.
  • Use open average by ticks-enables the mode of opening averaging orders by ticks or waits for the completion of the bar and analyzes the passed negative distance Pip Step.
  • Take profit – take profit in standard points to close a group of orders.
  • Use close by profit-enables the mode of closing all positions on the total profit in money.
  • Minimal count of orders where the minimum number is activated in this mode.
  • Profit in value-profit in currency at which all positions will be closed.
  • Use equity stop-enable closing control by drawdown level in %
  • Total equity risk – the level of drawdown in % of the balance.
  • Use open Monday-enables control of opening on Monday from the specified time.
  • Hour-the hour from which trading on Monday starts.
  • Use close Friday-the mode of forced closing of all positions on Friday by time.
  • Hour-the hour at which all positions are forcibly closed and the EA enters the Monday standby mode.

Subsequent settings are the same for all 3 strategies:

  • Continue trading-includes strategy. When you disable and have positions in the strategy, the ‘Drying’ mode, which was described earlier, is activated.
  • TF-timeframe for the signal to open the first order of the strategy
  • Max Orders – the maximum number of averaging orders in the strategy
  • Use trailing stop-trailing stop mode for a group of orders of the strategy, can significantly increase the survival of the EA in difficult situations.
  • Trailing start – the level of enabling trailing stop from the breakeven point of the strategy
  • Trailing stop – a stop level in points
  • Pip step is the minimum step between positions in the average.
  • Pip step multiplier-step multiplier for averaging
  • Magic – identifier of the orders of the strategy. Magic + 1 is reserved for Trend strategy orders

Test results:

Forex Wall Street Original Robot


Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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