Forex Universal Ea MT5 Robot

Forex Universal Ea MT5 Robot review:

The Expert Advisor allows you to build a trading system based on a custom indicator. It performs automated opening / closing of trades based on signals from an indicator that places values ​​other than 0 and EMPTY_VALUE in the buffer. The Expert Advisor polls the values ​​of the specified indicator buffers, opens / closes and maintains transactions according to the specified parameters.

The adviser has the following transaction support functions:
installation of SL and TP;
calculation of the volume at a given risk;
transfer to breakeven;
partial closure.
The parameters of the adviser, having values ​​in points, are calculated for an account with 4-digit quotes. For an account with 5-digit quotes, the values ​​are automatically multiplied by 10.

To connect to your own advisor indicator, you must enter its name and specify the used buffers. The indicator should be in the standard folder. The values ​​specified in the parameter string are converted by the program to int, double, bool, string values. Parameters must be separated by a comma. The value of int must contain only digits, double – digits with a period separator, bool – true or false, string – is limited to a single quote. For example, string 0,0.0, false, ‘text’ contains 4 parameters of type int, double, bool, string.

Advisor Parameters:

startLot – fixed volume of deals;
riskPercent – risk per trade for volume calculation;
takeProfit, stopLoss – TP and SL values ​​in points;
noLoss – value in points for moving to breakeven;
minProfit – value in points for partial closure;
minProfitFactor – volume for partial closure;
trailStop, trailStep – value and step in points for trailing;
trailAfterNoLoss – trailing resolution after moving to breakeven;
numOrders – the number of unidirectional orders;
bothOrdersDir – permission to trade in both directions;
IndicatorName, IndicatorTimeFrame, IndicatorParams – name, period and string of indicator parameters;
barIndex – indicator bar index;
open_Buy_BufferIndex, open_Sell_BufferIndex – buy / sell buffer index;
takeProfit_Buy_BufferIndex, takeProfit_Sell_BufferIndex – TP buffer index;
stopLoss_Buy_BufferIndex, stopLoss_Sell_BufferIndex – SL buffer index;
close_Buy_BufferIndex, close_Sell_BufferIndex – the index of the closing buffer;
minProfit_Buy_BufferIndex, minProfit_Sell_BufferIndex – partial close buffer index;
noLoss_Buy_BufferIndex, noLoss_Sell_BufferIndex – index of the break-even transfer buffer;
if the buffer is not used, set the value to -1
testerAutoTrade – automatic transactions for validation (disable during user work)
useButtons – display BUY / SELL buttons on a chart
MAGIC – magic number;
slippage – slipping.

Test results:

Forex Universal Ea MT5 Robot

Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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