Forex Tricky Twister Expert Advisor

Forex Tricky Twister Expert Advisor review:

Type of EA: Counter-trend, martingale.

Support: After purchase of the EA, on request, you can obtain the complete manual and preset settings for 10+ currency pairs.

Test results:

Forex Tricky Twister Expert Advisor


  • Flag_Stop: Stop trading after the current basket is closed.
  • SetName: The name of the set.
  • AutoMM: Enable auto setting of the starting lot.
  • AutoMMEquity_1: AutoMM parameter for the first strategy.
  • LotSize_1: Base lot size of the first strategy.
  • AutoMMEquity_2: AutoMM parameter for the second strategy.
  • LotSize_2: Base lot size of the second strategy.
  • GapeProtect: Enable gape protection feature.
  • MaxDD: Maximum open drawdown allowed for trading, in units of the base currency.
  • MaxDDPerCent: The same as MaxDD, but in percentage of the account balance.
  • UseBreakOut: Switch the first strategy on/off.
  • TakeProfit: Take profit of the first order.
  • GridStepPips: Distance, at which the first locking order is set.
  • GridShiftPips: Amount, by which the locking distance is increased with each next locking.
  • PipsLockAdd: Parameter that defines the take profit level of the locking order.
  • PowerTweak: Parameter that defines the volume of the locking order.
  • TPType: Defines the logic of calculating the take profit of the locking orders.
  • LevelBreak_1: Basket level, starting with which the profit of the basket is kept fixed.
  • LevelBE_1: Basket level, at which the Breakeven closure option is activated.
  • BEpips_1: Number of pips for Breakeven feature.
  • LevelFlip: Level of locking, at which “flip” occurs, the shift of the pair of two orders by a fixed distance of DistFlipPips.
  • DistFlipPips: Flip distance.
  • UseTime: Switch the trading session feature on/off.
  • HourStartGMT: Start of the trading session (hour, GMT time).
  • HourEndGMT: End of the trading session (hour, GMT time).
  • GMTOffset: Time difference of your broker and GMT time.
  • FilterDayRange: Use DayRange filter for the first trade of the basket.
  • UseBox: Use Box entry for the first trade of the basket.
  • BoxLength: First parameter of the Box entry.
  • BoxRange: Second parameter of the Box entry.
  • UseRange: Switch the second strategy on/off.
  • TF: Working timeframe of the moving average used for entry (min).
  • PeriodMA: Period of moving average used for entry.
  • DistanceMA: Deviation from the Moving Average, which triggers placing the first order of the basket.
  • TPFact: Take profit of the first order of the basket, in units of DistanceMA.
  • TPSwitch: Number of orders of the basket, at which the algorithm of taking profit is changed.
  • Step1: Grid step of the first block.
  • Step2: Grid step of the second block.
  • Step3: Grid step of the third block.
  • Block1: Number of levels in the first block.
  • Block2: Number of levels in the second block.
  • LotMult1: Lot multiplier in the first block.
  • LotMult2: Lot multiplier in the second block.
  • LotMult3: Lot multiplier in the third block.
  • LevelBreak_2: Number of orders in the basket, starting with which the profit of the basket is kept fixed.
  • LevelBE_2: Basket level for the second strategy, at which the Breakeven closure option is activated.
  • BEpips_2: Number of pips for BE closure for the second strategy.
  • MaxGridLevel: Maximum number of grid orders.
  • BasketStopLoss: The StopLoss level of the whole basket (in standard, 4-digit pips).
  • UseMultiCurrency: Switches on/off the Multicurrency feature. The Multicurrency feature checks the number of trading pairs (pairs, for which there are open orders) and the total open drawdown on the trading account. If the number of pairs or the drawdown reaches the prescribed value, opening a new basket will be blocked. Information box of EA shows the label “Flag_Stop_Global is set” in this case.
  • MaxInstruments: The maximum number of currency pairs that can be traded simultaneously.
  • MaxDD_Stop: Maximum open drawdown (in %), for which a new basket can be started.
  • MaxDD_Release: Drawdown, upon reaching wich trading block is removed.
  • December_End: The last trading day of December.
  • January_Start: The first trading day of January.

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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