Forex Tiger GBPUSD Robot

Forex Tiger GBPUSD Robot review:

Forex Tiger GBPUSD Robot EA instructions
Please use this EA on GBPUSD, the best and best score in GBPUSD
You need to use EA on a USD account
Because the trading volume of this EA is relatively small, it is recommended that you use the EA in the VPS, I use the VPS provided by MQL5

Parameter setting instructions
If the Auto_lotSize parameter is true, the EA will automatically adjust the lot (lot) according to the value of the Auto_lotSize_risk parameter
If the Auto_lotSize parameter is false, the EA will use fixed lot (lot) trading according to the value of the Fixed_lotsize parameter
Please set the SafetyPoint parameter between 70 and 150, the SafetyPoint parameter has been calculated in pips units
Please set the Min_StopLoss parameter above 100, the Min_StopLoss parameter has been calculated in pips units

Auto_lotSize:Automatically control the Lot function switch, open this EA will automatically control the risk adjustment Lot according to the value of Auto_lotSize_risk
Auto_lotSize_risk: automatically control the parameters when the Lot function is turned on, and automatically set Lot according to this parameter EA
Fixed_lotsize: fixed Lot parameters, if Auto_lotSize is closed, EA will use fixed Lot trading according to this parameter
SafetyPoint: Pings distance (pips), the SafetyPoint parameter has been calculated in pips units, when the profit reaches this parameter value, the EA will adjust the stop loss to the opening price, reducing the risk of loss
Min_StopLoss: the minimum stop loss distance (pips), the Min_StopLoss parameter has been calculated in pips units, the distance between the stop loss and the opening price automatically set by the EA will not be less than this value
buy_order_magic: buy order number
sell_order_magic: sell order number
Information_window: Switch to display the information window, EA will operate faster after closing the information window

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This EA calculates tick volatility frequency and speed according to the tick volatility algorithm, and monitors the market tick volatility in real time
EA will capture the imbalances in the market, such as excessive capital influx leading to a unidirectional explosive volatility in the market.
This EA is to use this explosive volatility to quickly grab profits. The transaction time of each order is not long, but it can achieve a high win rate ( 90%)

Test results:

Forex Tiger GBPUSD Robot



Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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