Forex THREE SCREENS Robot review:

The Forex THREE SCREENS Robot applies a modified triple screen system by Alexander Elder. The trading method is based on tracking the market behavior and price acceleration. It is not guessing nor forecasting. It is calculation with distinct orienting points of position direction. Any of these screens can be disabled or changed in its sequence. Trading is performed by market orders, Market Execution is used, Take Profit and Stop Loss are placed after order execution, they are modified in accordance with the EA settings.


  1. Minimum deposit if 100 in the deposit currency;
  2. Leverage from 1:100;
  3. VPS is recommended;
  4. Currency pairs with high volatility and low spreads;
  5. Use at least one screen filter.

Settings of recommended timeframes of screen filters are shown in the table.

The EA is attached to the lowest timeframe of selected parameters.

Setting Expert

It is recommended to use a cent account while choosing the best settings. Price acceleration is the main signal for opening trades.

  • Acceleration — price acceleration step;
  • PriceSpeed — price acceleration speed in seconds;

Acceleration — a distance in points, which the price should cover in a certain amount of seconds specified in PriceSpeed. If the price makes this distance for the specified time, a signal to open a trade is produced.

  1. Run the EA on several charts of a selected currency pair;
  2. Use different parameters and magic numbers for these charts;
  3. Add different comments;
  4. Save the setup file with a proper name;

Analyze the history of trades at the end of the trading week. Use comments to differentiate between different parameters. Profitable settings move on to the next week, other settings are changed. Thus you can select parameters for several pairs in a few weeks.

Test results:



  • BalanceRisk — traded lot is calculated based on risk per trade;
  • Lots — fixed lot if BalanceRisk = 0;
  • TakeProfit — take profit;
  • StopLoss — stop loss;
  • MaxSpread — maximum spread for opening trades;
  • Acceleration — price acceleration step;
  • PriceSpeed — price acceleration speed in seconds;
  • Comment—a comment to trades;
  • Magic — magic number;
  • MaxAttempts — the maximal number of attempts to open an order;
  • DelaySeconds — pause between attempts;
  • Slippage—maximum slippage;
  • TrailingHL — trailing by High-Low, enable/disable;
  • HL_Period — trailing timeframe;
  • BarsCount — number of bars to search for High-Low;
  • Distance — indent from High-Low;
  • Trailing — trailing by points, enable/disable;
  • TrailingStart — minimum number of points for trailing;
  • TrailingStop — number of points to start Trailing Stop;
  • TrailingStep — Trailing Stop step;
  • Breakeven — breakeven, enable/disable;
  • StartBreakeven — the number of points to move positions to breakeven;
  • StepBreakeven — distance to place a breakeven level;
  • First_Period — timeframe of the first screen. MACD + OsMA;
  • FirstScreen — enable/disable;
  • FastEma—fast MA period;
  • SlowEma—slow MA period;
  • Signal—signal line period;
  • MO_Price — price type;
  • Second_Period — timeframe of the second screen. Stochastic;
  • SecondScreen — enable/disable;
  • Kperiod — K line period;
  • Dperiod — D line period;
  • Slowing — slowing;
  • Method — method of averaging;
  • STOCH_Price — price type;
  • UPLevels — upper level;
  • DNLevels — lower level;
  • Third_Period — timeframe of the third screen. Parabolic SAR;
  • ThirdScreen — enable/disable;
  • Step — increment of speed, acceleration;
  • Maximum — maximum coefficient of following the price;
  • ShowInfo — display/hide information on the trading;
  • TextColor — displayed data color.

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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