Forex Stochastic Scalper EA

Forex Stochastic Scalper EA review:

Stochastic Scalper EA, trading strategy–The strategy with which this Expert Advisor was developed is based on the crossing of the means and levels of the technical indicator “Stochastic Oscilator”, the configuration of the inputs for sale or purchase are given at the crossing of the moving average with the signal linear being within the levels of over-purchase for sale and over-sale for purchase. Thinking that most of the technical indicators give false entries on some or many occasions, it was combined with an excellent martingale order system with which you can ensure they win all open orders, only in case of false entries, but the effectiveness of the Gauge gives many director benefits without opening martingale levels most of the time. You can use the parameter of using SL and TP to operate only the signals and thus search for the largest number of true positions on the false inputs, for this you can perform backtesting and optimizations to locate the best relationship between parameters of the indicator, TF and the markets where better react.

In short, there are many possibilities to operate with this excellent 100% automatic trading tool.

To achieve the maximum benefit, it is necessary to use low TFs between m5 and M15, the higher the TF the indicator signal is, but the number of inputs or signals is also reduced, in that case, the appropriate configuration would be an average timing such as M15 or M30 and several pairs simultaneously, but this carries a greater risk, so the most appropriate would be to operate with a good balance in the account. My recommendation would be to use a cent account where you can open lots from 0.01 and all the major pairs, with at least 30 usd (3000 cents) has shown great effectiveness and the possibility of doubling your account in less than 30 days.

Use it at your own risk and try it on demo account to get the desired result before moving to real account. I recommend the FBS cent account, open it using this link and you will have special attention as a partner and additional configurations, all through this platform. We are here to help you!!Ask via message for the tested configuration set that you can see in the images for EURUSD and EURJPY which work for most older pairs.

–Input parameters–

use_daily_target: true / false

daily target: object in money

trade_in_fri: true / false (operate on Friday)

magic: order identifier

start_lot: initial lot

range: distance between orders in martingale pips

level: number of orders maximum martingale

lot_multiplier: true / false martingale

multiplier: multiplier value next order martingale

use_sl_and_tp: true / falsesl: value in pips

tp: value in pips

tp_in_money: exit for fixed money

stealth_mode: true / false shows pending orders martingale

use_stoch: true / false

Stohastic Oscilator: flexible values ​​of the Stohastic Oscilator indicator

Test results:

Forex Stochastic Scalper EA

Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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