Forex SoMM 3D Expert Advisor

Forex SoMM 3D Expert Advisor review:

An intraday trading system portfolio consisting of three independent Expert Advisors.

The Forex SoMM 3D Expert Advisor are combined so that the profit rate, the size and duration of drawdown are better on the whole, than they are of each Expert Advisor separately. The systems allows smoothing the balance line and protects from over optimization. At the same time, the system allows trading via only one EA or any combination of the EAs.

System Features:

  • Only pending orders are used for trading.
  • At the end of day all positions are closed and all pending orders are deleted.
  • The average ratio of Stop Loss and Take Profit is 1:3.
  • The average percentage of profitable deals is less than or equal to 50.
  • The balance graph has long periods of drawdown and flat changed with profit leaps.

Test results:

Forex SoMM 3D Expert Advisor


  • QOPLIM – the maximum number of currently open SELL or BUY deals (the recommended amount is 3).
  • DayLossLimitPercent  – daily loss limit. If exceeded, the EA won’t trade until the next day.
  • Trade_EA1 – if true, trading by EA1 is allowed
  • Trade_EA2 – if true, trading by EA2 is allowed
  • Trade_EA3 – if true, trading by EA3 is allowed
  • FreeMarginPercent_EA – the percentage of free margin for the lot calculation. Specified separately for each Expert Advisor. If 0, fixed lot is used.
  • Lot_EA – the value of the fixed lot. Specified separately for each Expert Advisor.
  • KSL – the default value for all Expert Advisors: 0.25; optimization range: from 0.1 to 0.6; step: 0.05.
  • KTP – the default value for all Expert Advisors: 1.5; optimization range: from 1 to 2.5; step: 0.1.
    The KSL and KTP values determine the distance from the open price to set the Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. Specified separately for each Expert Advisor, separately for SELL and BUY. Values ​​of KSL and KTP should be greater than 0. If they are equal to zero, TP and SL are set at 100 pips (five-digit) from the open price.
  • NoLoss_EA – current profit in pips, at which the position is moved to breakeven. If NoLoss is equal to zero, this function does not work (recommended for initial testing).
  • NoLossShift_EA – breakeven level shift relative to the position open price.
  • StartHour_EA – start time for each EA.
  • StopHour_EA – ending time or each EA.
  • ExpHour_EA – pending order expiration time for each EA.
  • CloseHour_EA – time of forced closure of positions for each EA.

The system is designed for trading EURUSD M5. The number of digits is determined automatically.

In this version V1.01 orders are placed together with the SL and TP.

The recommended period for the EA1 forward test is 6 months, for EA2 and EA3 – 18 months.

The recommended minimum deposit – 300 USD. Lot size – 5% of free margin.

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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