Forex SMG s2 Grid Expert Advisor

Forex SMG s2 Grid Expert Advisor review:

Requirements for Brokers

  • Account type – CENT (better NDD)
  • Leverage – 1:400 and more
  • Minimum lot – 0.01
  • Lot step – 0.01
  • Maximum lot – 100 and more
  • Number of open orders – 300 and more

SMG_S2 – Grid Forex Expert Advisor

The uniqueness of the Expert Advisor’s algorithm is in the fact that it combines several strategies working at the same time and transferring one into another depending on the market situation.


The Expert Advisor works with two parallel grids, “collecting” the entire market movement. It does not require any signals from indicators and it does not depend on them. In fact, the market itself (the movement and the direction of the price) is used as an indicator for the Expert Advisor. Following the price, the Expert Advisor makes as much profit as possible following the main market principles: trend, pullback, flat.


  • SMG_S2 is for FOREX automated trading
  • New! Risk control.
  • It works on MetaTrader 4 platform (MetaQuotes Software Corp.)
  • The ability to trade on the following accounts: ECN, NDD, Pro, Standard, Classic, Micro, Cent
  • Recommended leverage: no less than 1:400
  • Recommended deposit: 500 USD or more on Cent or Micro account (50.000 USD CENT)
  • Timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN
  • The information menu displays statistics menu on the chart. It consists of the following: the current price of the currency pair, account leverage, the current spread, the state of BUY\SELL deals, the current profit, the fixed profit, the account balance, the equity of the account, free funds, security deposit, market drawdown on BUY\SELL deals, the date, the time and the percentage of the maximum market drawdown for the currency pair.
  • The distinguishing feature: a large number of customizable parameters allowing you to create a trading strategy that is suitable specifically for you.

When purchasing SMG_S2 Expert Advisor, you also receive:

  • Complete description of the Expert Advisor’s strategy
  • The manual on the Expert Advisor settings
  • The manual “How to work with advisor SMG_S2”
  • Recommendations on using the robot in trading activity
  • Prepared recommended sets (.set)
  • Prepared recommended profiles (.profile) for balanced trading
  • Free technical support
  • Free updates

Test results:

Forex SMG s2 Grid Expert Advisor


  • Var_OP_BUY=1 – trade BUY orders: 0=no, 1=yes.
  • Var_OP_SELL=1 – trade SELL orders: 0=no, 1=yes.
  • SizeLot=0.01 – the size of the initial lot for BUY\SELL.
  • Var_OP_BUY_SELL=0 – grid. 0 – dynamic grid. The trading is performed using parallel Buy\Sell grids that are independent of each other. 1 – static grid. If SELL(BUY) grid has closed, it will start re-building only when BUY(SELL) grid closes. After that, the working algorithm is repeated, just like when launching the Expert Advisor.
  • DistanceBack=10 – the distance between the pending orders when building the grid.
  • TakeProfitBack=5 – how many levels can the price pullback to for the pullback grid to close.
  • TakeProfitTrend=1 – how many levels the price needs to pullback to for the trending grid to close.
  • TakeProfitFromLevel=4 – from what level the work of the pullback or the trending system starts (set in levels). The level is the number of the order starting from the first market one.
  • OrdersUpdate=5 – how many pending orders should be placed on each side for the Buy and Sell grids after the Expert Advisor starts working.
  • LotRate=2 – the index of the lot multiplication for the pullback strategy starting from the 4th order.
  • CountOrLotRate=3 – the number of repeated orders with the same increased lot index starting from the 4th order.
  • Exit=false – the parameter allows you to stop the Expert Advisor operation after closing the open grids. According to the algorithm, no new orders are built after the BUY and SELL grids close.
  • bCloseAll = false – the forced closing of all market orders, deletion of the pending orders, stopping the Expert Advisor’s operation.
  • bClearData=false – to change the Expert Advisor parameters, you need to do the following: Exit = true and wait till all the orders are closed. After that, you need to set bClearData=true and you can change the Expert Advisor’s parameters. Once the parameters are changed, we should set Exit=false, bClearData=false, bCloseAll = true. All orders are closed immediately. After that, we set bClearData=true, and we are ready to change the Expert Advisor’s parameters. Once the parameters are changed, we should set bCloseAll=false, bClearData=false.
  • bAutoLot=false – turning the autolot mode on/off.
  • AutoLotStep=100 – is set in percentage, AutoLotStep means that the lot is increased by 100% after every increase of the deposit by 100%.
  • MoneyLot=50000 – binding to the deposit amount to calculate the lot.
  • bTimeFriday=false – turning on/off the forced closing of all orders on Friday based on the specified time.
  • TimeCloseFriday=01:00 – the time on Friday when all orders are forcibly closed. The Expert Advisor is automatically restarted on Monday.
  • P_Time_MAXDD=1 – the time (in minutes) of the Expert Advisor’s automatic launch after closing by MAXDD /0=only manual launch is allowed after closing by MAXDD.
  • MAXDD=30 – 30% percent of drawdown from the balance (all orders), 0 – disabled.
  • MAXALERTDD=20 – 20% alert of the balance drawdown, 0 – disabled.
  • EMAIL_TEXT=text of email message – email text.
  • SMS_TEXT=text of MQL message – MQL text.
  • Money_MaxDD=0 – 0 – from the current balance, > 0 – from the specified balance.
  • MagicNumber=1000 – magic number assigned to orders by the Expert Advisor.
  • Slippage=2 – the maximum price deviation.
  • bInfo=true – show/hide the information menu.
  • FontSize=10 – the font size.
  • DistY=15 – the interval on the vertical axis.
  • ColorText=White – the color of the text.
  • ColorP=Lime – the color of parameters of statistics that are in profit.
  • ColorM=Pink – the color of parameters of statistics that is in loss.
  • bBack=true – display the background of the text.
  • ColorBack=DarkSlateGray – select the background color.

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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