Forex Skynet Expert Advisor

Forex Skynet Expert Advisor review:

This Expert Advisor is based on standard indicators. You can custom your best parameter for each indicator with your own settings.

Test results:

Forex Skynet Expert Advisor


Trade Settings

  • AutoBuy: Auto Buy Trading
  • AutoSell: Auto Sell Trading
  • CloseAll: Close all open orders (this Symbol only)
  • PauseTrade: EA will not open a new order but still holding all opened positions (Example: Before big news coming)
  • ResetTime : Close all opening orders at time selection
    • ResetHour: Close all opening orders at Hour selection
    • ResetMin: Close all opening orders at Minute selection
  • ResetTrend : Close all trades when trend has changed and total order = SafeTrades
  • SafeClose : Close all trades when the last trade has profit more than SafeClosePoint and total order = SafeTrades
    – SafeClosePoint : Point of SafeClose
    – SafeTrades : Number of total orders to be use for SafeClose or ResetTrend

EA Settings

You can use any indicator and method to trade.
Lot Settings

  • Symbol_Decimal: Symbol Decimal, Support with all FOREX, TFEX symbols
  • Lots: Start Lot
  • Lotdecimal: Lot Decimal
  • LotExponent: Lot Multiple when buy or sell more than 1 order
  • UseSmartLot : EA will auto calculate lot with profit loss to open new order
  • MaxLots: Maximum Lot
  • Slippage: Slippage
  • MaxTrades: Maximum number of new orders for 1 Symbol
  • MaxSpread : EA will not open order when spread is higher than MaxSpread
  • MagicNumber: Magic number

NewStep Settings

  • FixStep : Use static NewStep (Don’t use Exponent)
  • SmartStep : EA will open more order due to indicator parameter setting
  • NewStep: New order step in Point
  • NewStepExponent : Increase NewStep when EA open more order

Profit SettingsTakeProfit: Take Profit in Point

  • UseTakeProfit : if set true EA will place an order with TakeProfit point
    • TakeProfit : Take Profit in point
  • UseVirtualTP : if set true EA will close an order when reaching a profit higher or lower than a virtual point without placing an order
    • VirtualTP : Virtual Take Profit in point
  • UsePartialClose : EA will divide lot 50% and take profit at PartialClose point

Stop Loss Settings

  • UseStopLoss: if set true EA will place an order with Stop Loss point
    • StopLoss: Stop Loss in Point
  • UseVirtualSL : EA will close an order when reaching loss more than VirtualSL point without placing an order
    • VirtualSL : Virtual Stop Loss in point

Trailing Stop Settings

  • UseTrailingStop: Use Trailing Stop
    • TrailStart: Start Trailing when Profit reaches points
    • TrailStop: Stop Trailing when Price is down from highest to points
  • UseVirtualTrailingStop : EA will use Trailing Stop without placing an order
    • VirtualTrailStart : Virtual Trailing Start point
    • VirtualTrailStop : Virtual Trailing Stop point
  • UseAdvanceTrailingStop : EA will use signal from indicator to close all orders when profit is higher than AdvanceTrailingPoint
    • AdvanceTrailingPoint : Advance Trailing Stop point

Risk Settings

  • MM: Money Management (Auto increase or decrease lot up to Equity)
  • Risk: Risk Level
  • UseRiskBalance: Use Risk Balance
    • RiskBalance: Close all open orders and stop opening new orders when Equity loss is more than X %
  • UseEquityStop: Use Equity Stop
    • EquityRisk: Close all open orders when Equity loss is more than X % and EA will open new orders again

Time Settings

  • UseTime: Buy or Sell at Time Setting. If you want EA to open Buy order only you have to set Autobuy = true and AutoSell = false
  • Monday: Trade on Monday at setting time
  • Tuesday: Trade on Tuesday at setting time
  • Wednesday: Trade on Wednesday at setting time
  • Thursday: Trade on Thursday at setting time
  • Friday: Trade on Friday at setting time

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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