Forex Salva Expert Advisor

Forex Salva Expert Advisor is an advanced and fully automated system, which passes backtesting since 2005. The basis of this strategy is the price chart itself, trading is performed based on the price movement range. Dynamic algorithms and filters are used for taking profit or closing trades. Built-in reworked system for filtering market entries and exits:

  • Checking the trading direction using integrated trend indicators.
  • Checking the channel range for the minimum and maximum values.
  • Checking for the price exceeding the range.
  • Exit by time, by extension of the range.

Salva EA works best on the following pairs with the default settings: EURCHF, EURCAD you can also use GBPUSD

Working timeframe: M5

Minimum starting deposit: $100-200

The EA works best on brokers with fast execution and low spread. VPS is recommended.


  • Not martingale, not arbitrage.
  • Ready to go without any particular setup.
  • Always use a stop loss to secure your investments.
  • Easy to use (no complicated settings).
  • Minimum starting deposit: $100-200.

Test results:

Forex Salva Expert Advisor


  • TypeSet – preset parameters mode. There are 3 modes available. Try everything and choose the most suitable for you.
  • TakeProfit – manual TakeProfit. If 0, the take profit is calculated automatically based on conditions and the current volatility.
  • StopLoss – manual StopLoss. If 0, the take profit is calculated automatically based on conditions and the current volatility.
  • VolatilATRFilter – coefficient of the volatility filter, affect the total number of trades.
  • LimitOrders – the number of trades in one direction opened at a time at a distance specified NextOrdersDist. For conservative trading, set LimitOrders = 1.
  • NextOrdersDist – distance in points to open additional orders.
  • ChannelPeriod – the number of bars to calculate the price movement range.
  • ChannelShiftEntry – the number of points for the offset from the range.
  • MinSizeChannel – the minimum range width.
  • ExitAfterMinutes – the number of minutes to start looking for an opportunity to close an order using additional filters, provided that the profit is greater than specified in ExitMinutesProfit.
  • ExitMinutesProfit – the number of points in profit to close an order using additional filters.
  • ExitChannelDist – the number of points the price should go beyond the channel for the algorithm to close an order, provided that the profit is greater than specified in ExitChannelPips.
  • ExitChannelPips – the number of points in profit to close an order if the price exceeds the channel.
  • Start_Hour – trading start hour.
  • Start_Minute – trading start minute.
  • End_Hour – trading end hour.
  • End_Minute – trading end minute.
  • AutoGMTOffset – if true, the robot will attempt to determine the broker’s time zone automatically. If the backtesting results are not satisfactory, set this parameter to false, and specify the value manually in ManualTimeOffsetGMT.
  • ManualTimeOffsetGMT – your broker’s GMT offset.
  • DST – if true, consider daylight saving time.
  • Trail_Start – if greater than 0, defines the number of points to activate Trailing Stop.
  • Trail_Size – distance to move Trailing Stop.
  • Trail_Step – step of Trailing Stop.
  • MagicNumber – identifier of the EA’s orders. Attention! MagicNumber should be different for each pair.

Forex Salva Expert Advisor For Metatrader 4


Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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