Forex Rubika Expert Advisor

Forex Rubika Expert Advisor review:

Puzzle is a fully automated Algorithmic Expert Advisor with multi-Strategies based on our IA optimization on different traditional strategies such as moving average , Ichimoku ,ADX, … ,You are able to choose any one of the strategies or using all of them same as default setting together.

This EA is optimised for EURUSD on M15 time frame based on default setting .

Please note that during backtest you must have GBPUSD data as well.


:::::::::::::::Requirement & Recommendations:::::::::::::::

Please send us private message for better support.

Account Type : ECN

Currency pairs: EURUSD ( you can make backtest on other pairs but not recommended to use)

Time frame : 15 Min ( M15)

Leverage: No limitation

Min. Deposit : 300$

VPS to maintain internet connection.

Low spread : less than 10

Stop Level for EURUSD : Less than 20

:::::::::::::::Parameters & Set Files:::::::::::::::

Money Management ———————

Pip Profit : Order TP based on Pips.

Risk : The money management formula ( (Account balance /100000 )*Risk )

Grid size : Distance between orders.

Multiplier : Coefficient of lot size for next order.

Secondary variavles ———————

Use SL And TP : TRUE/FALSE ( if you use true then you need to set SL and TP from first order)

Sl : Stop loss

TP : Take profit

Level : Total number of orders.

Magic : magic number for using different EAs on currency.

Stealthmode : TRUE/FALSE ( if you want to hide the next orders from brokers you can use True option to hide orders )

Strategies ———————

St1 : TRUE/FALSE (Moving average crossing)

St1_Moving 1 : 13

St1_Moving 2 : 48

St2 : TRUE/FALSE (Moving average crossing)

St2_Moving 1 : 34

St2_Moving 2 : 89

St3 : TRUE/FALSE (Moving average crossing)

St3_Moving 1 : 20

St3_Moving 2 : 50

St4 : TRUE/FALSE (Bolinger Band)

Band_Period : 20

St5 : TRUE/FALSE (ADX strategy)

ADX_Period : 21

St6: TRUE/FALSE (Ichimoku strategy)

Tenkan : 9

Kijun : 26

Senkou : 52

St7: Pierson trend simulation (Just for EURUSD)

St8: Pierson GBP correlation (Just for EURUSD)

St9_Variables ( This strategy is recovery option for above strategies)


MagicNumer : Set different magic number from other EA and first magic number

RiskPercent : The money management formula ( (Account balance /100000 )*Risk )

myStoploss : separate stoploss for St9.

myTakeprofit : separate take profit for St9

Changestop_Stop_Level : The pips start to trailing the stop loss

Change _Stop_Profit : The pips profit after trailing stop loss

Test results:

Forex Rubika Expert Advisor

Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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