Forex Reactive Expert Advisor

Forex Reactive Expert Advisor review:

Reactive works here and now. Forex Reactive Expert Advisor enters a position during strong momentums analyzing principle of price and volume changes. I also added two algorithms of momentum search:

  1. Explosion Trigger. This algorithm depends on a timeframe. It has intelligently chosen anchor point for analysis which excludes big losses during strong differently directed movement. But it may lead to omission of some attractive trades.
  2. Movement Line. This algorithm allows to enter at the very beginning of a large momentum. It does not depend on a timeframe but is more sensitive to a broker’s actions, spread, etc. though it has better profit factor.

Sophisticated approach to the EA usage assumes it will be launched on two accounts with different algorithms. However, if your broker provides very good trade conditions – great execution and tight spread, then differentiating risk with various instruments is a more effective use of Movement Line.

The EA’s Features:

  • Uses reasonable fixed stop loss.
  • Can use trailing stop (efficient for Explosion Trigger)
  • Can dynamically close when momentum becomes weaker or there are signs of a false entry. (It rarely reaches stop loss, all losses are totally cut out, profit is fixed increasingly)
  • Implements increasing along the momentum (it will increase total profit of trading)

Testing and Optimization

  • It is tested and optimized using instruments, which results are close to the reality to the uttermost, with consideration of real ticks. (more information is available in documentation, or you can send me a private message)
  • Every person will have personal testing and optimization according to his or her requirements and selected broker.
  • All results will be provided before trading on a real account.

Test results:

Forex Reactive Expert Advisor


  • Magic (9) – unique number
  • Risk (50) – risk level from 1 to 100. Must be chosen for each particular account as a lot of values shall be taken into consideration including a leverage. The EA works on any account currency.
  • Show Statistic (true) – show/hide the information block.
  • Statistic Display Side (1) – where to show the information block (from 0 to 3, where 0 – upper left, 1 – upper right).
  • Impulse Calculating Algorithm (2) – momentum calculation algorithm. 1 – Explosion Trigger, 2 – Movement Line.
  • Maximal Spread (30) – maximum spread to open a position.
  • Cost Performance (1) – time for a broker to act.
  • Actual Impulse (27) – actual value of the momentum indicator to enter a position.
  • Aiming Time (2) – time to filter and confirm entry.
  • Actual Selection Time (2) – actual selection time.
  • Close: Average Impulse (false) – whether to close a position when the momentum is critically weak.
  • Close: Reverse Sign (true) – whether to close a position when an opposite signal is generated or signs of false entry appear.
  • Close: Trailing Stop (false) – whether to use trailing stop.
  • Use Top Up (false) – whether to use increasing in case of signs of momentum strengthening.
  • Actual Percent Acceleration (15) – actual percentage of momentum strengthening for increasing
  • Interval (2) – minimum interval between increasing
  • Lots Exponent (0.5) – lot multiplier for each new increasing relatively to the previous one
Default parameters are set for testing in Metatrader4 using the Movement Line algorithm. Before real trading I will conduct personal optimization and testing using other instruments. As a result input values may significantly differ from current ones.

What You Need for the EA’s Efficient Operation:

  • Good broker (more information is available in documentation).
  • 5 digit quotes.
  • Timeframe: M5 (for Explosion Trigger), M1 or M5 (for Movement Line)
  • It is advisable to use EURUSD.
  • Observe all my recommendations.

How It Works:

  • You purchase Reactive.
  • Send me a private message, I send you a link to documentation and a password.
  • Read everything, find a broker and VPS, correspondent to my recommendations.
  • Inform me about your choice and preferences, I conduct testing and optimization of both EA’s algorithms for this broker and provide results.
  • Launch the EA on a real account with any algorithm or with both of them at a time but on different accounts.
  • Be happy

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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