Forex Pure Trend Expert Advisor

Forex Pure Trend Expert Advisor review:

PureTrend is a fully automated Expert Advisor, which uses  Channel Trading SystemIt does not use martingale or grid system. It uses fixed stop losses for every position.

Firstly the system searches for a good market conditions for trade (volatility, market hours, price extreme movements,…). It uses a kind of Channel Trading Strategy for entry and exit. The expert uses Take Profit, Stop Loss and Exit Rules which depends on market situation. The system checks 10 entry conditions, it  may open up to 10 orders at the same time.


  • TimeFrame: M15
  • Broker: All brokers are fine. (Prefered: ECN/STP Brokers, low spread & low commision)
  • Leverage: All leverages are fine

Key characteristics

  • No martingale or no grid system
  • You may change timeframe. The expert advisor is not depend on chart timeframe.
  • Stable and consistent performance with small drawdown

Recommended Trading Accounts

  • Deposit: 1000 $
  • Lot Calculation: Auto
  • Percentage of Free Margin: 33 (Per pair)

Test results:

Forex Pure Trend Expert Advisor


  • Lot Calculation: Auto / Fixed (Default: Auto)
  • Reserved Margin: It is active when Auto is selected for Lot Calculation. It shows Percentage of Free Margin which is used for this EA and this instrument. This value must be between 1-100. (Default: 33)
  • Fixed Lot: It is active when Fixed is selected for Lot Calculation. (Default: 0.01)
  • Maximum Number of Orders: Default:10 (You may set maximum 10 orders at the same time)
  • Direction Permission: Open Only Buy / Only Sell / All (Default: All)
  • Spread Protection:  On / Off . (Default: On). It checks spread is normal or not.
  • Max Slippage (Points): Maximum deviation from quoted price (It is just for instant execution type brokers)
  • Magic Number: Magic number for this expert’s orders
  • Comment: You may add a comment to your trades
  • Alert – Push Notification: Set “On” to receive mobile notifications
  • Alert – Pop-Up: Set “On” to receive pop-up notifications
  • Alert – Play Sound: Set “On” to receive an audible notification
  • Alert – Sound File: Choose your favorite alert sound
  • Panel Show: Show panel or not
  • Panel Corner: You may change panel corner. (Default: CORNER_LEFT_LOWER)
  • Panel X Offset: (Default: 10)
  • Panel Y Offset: (Default: 20)
  • Panel Font Type: (Default: Arial)
  • Panel Font Size: (Default: 8)
  • Panel Frame Color: When trades are opened, panel frame changes to this color. (Default: Red)

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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