Forex ProjectX Expert Advisor

Forex ProjectX Expert Advisor review:

rojectX is an automatic trading robot advisor using several trading strategies:

scalping, intraday trading, grid. Indicators and candlestick analysis are used as inputs.

Autocalculation of input volume, profit level in money.
Closing positions at the opposite signal.
Reverse input signal.
Several types of use of the level of unprofitability (stop loss).
Trading in a given period of time.
Closing positions and orders on time every day.
You can use the grid trading strategy.
There is a trailing and closing positions in terms of money.
Regeneration mode in case of loss.

Test results:

Forex ProjectX Expert Advisor


===> Start and end time for starting positions:
startHOUR – start hour
startMINUTE – start minute
stopHOUR – end hour
stopMINUTE – end minute
===> Trade settings for starting positions:
Start Reverse Signal – true / false
true – to open the starting position to use the reverse of the input signal;
false – reverse is not used.
Start Time Frames – the time period for calculating the input signal EA.
Start order interval – the time period to accommodate the starting positions.
One start order – true / false
The magic number – the adviser’s identification number
Allowed to open orders – the type of positions allowed to open by the input signal
AvtoStartLotEguity – true / false
Equity per lot – estimated amount of equity for 1 lot of volume.
Start lot MAX (volume) – the maximum allowed starting lot (volume)
TypeRisk – select the type of calculation of the starting lot
Risk (%) – acceptable risk in percent
RiskMAX (%) – maximum permissible risk in percent
The maximum allowed spread – the maximum allowed spread
===> Restore Balance Mode:
Balance recovery mode – true / false
Efforts to recover loss – efforts to restore balance
AccountLossDay – true / false take into account unprofitable days
NumberLossDay – the number of days after the last unprofitable day
===> StopLoss loss position mode of starting positions:
StopLoss … Type – type of loss level (stop loss):
StopLoss … Number – the number in points;
StopLoss … Parabolic SAR – Parabolic SAR indicator time period;
StopLoss … Number – the number in points;
StopLoss … N previous day – the number of previous days.
===> Profitability mode TakeProfit starting positions:
TakeProfit Type
TakeProfit Number – the number in points.
===> Grid Settings:
Start and end time of grid positions placement:

The type of Grid – grid type
no Grid – the grid is not used;
fixed distance – grid orders are placed at a fixed distance from an unprofitable
strategy # 1 – the grid is set by the algorithm
The method of lot calculation – method for calculating the volume of a grid order
multiply by MartinGrid
zoom in on MartinGrid
Distance between orders Grid
TakeProfitGrid – profit level when using the grid.
Maximum Grid lot – the maximum volume of the grid order to be set.
MartinGrid – is a positive number.
TF strategy # 1 – is the time period for the algorithm.
===> Closing positions by time every day:
OrderClosingTime – true / false
closeHOUR – closing time
closeMINUTE – closing time
===> Closing positions with a drawdown:
drawdown is calculated for the symbol on which the adviser is installed
OrderClosingDrawdown – true / false
NumberDrawdown – the size of a given drawdown in percent.
===> Closing of positions when the price level = High \ Low from 00: 00 to SetStopLoss Hour: SetStopLoss Minute of the day:
SetStopLossTime – true / false
Time from which the closing of positions is allowed when the price reaches the High / Low levels of the current day:
Set the closing hour – hour;
Set the closing minutes – minute.
===> Closing positions when changing the signal direction :
OrderClosingReverseSignal – true / false
===> Trailing and closing positions in terms of profit in money:
Closing profit – maintenance and closing by profit:
No – not used
Joint buy and sell
Individual to buy or sell
AutoCalculatProfit – true / false
Trailing money with
Step Trailing the money
===> Screen Information:
Display RIGHT_UPPER information – true / false
Display RIGHT_LOWER information – true / false

Other Settings

 – settings for graphic and text display

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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