Forex PROFESSIONAL Expert Advisor

Forex PROFESSIONAL Expert Advisor review:

Currency trading is the largest financial market of the world. According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), five trillion American dollars change hands every day.

If you’d lost money by taking a profit before time and had not minimized losses at the appropriate times, you would know the importance and difficulty of finding a proper approach. Not everyone can conduct trading operations. In such case you should choose automatic trading which takes good care of your deposit and prevents loss of earnings.

Professional trading minimizes losses to the greatest possible extent. Taking this into consideration, the PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR EA has been designed with additional functions for minimizing trading losses and thus gaining profit for you.

The Forex PROFESSIONAL Expert Advisor settings are appropriate for financial transactions with EURUSD М5 currency tool by default.

Other tools and timeframes require additional optimization!


The EA is designed as ‘Multi Advisor’*. It comprises of ten separate EAs which use popular MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), AO (Awesome Oscillator), and MA (Moving Average) indicators. This is an ability to practice ten different strategies in one EA. This is also an optimal choice if you use MetaQuotes Software Corp.’s Virtual Server for continuous trading!

*Making investment decisions on the ground of several strategies offers you comprehensive investment opportunities.


  1. The expert advisor is designed for simultaneous trading on several tools and timeframes selected by you (recommended).
  2. Account History with selected trading period is used for qualitative assessment of previous trading on the real account on strategy optimization criteria (see article 4). It offers an opportunity to give a real estimation of quality level of the previous strategy and trading.
  3. Genetic optimization and Custom parameter are improved; possibility to sort OnTester option maximal results from stated minimum number of trades (recommended) is included.
  4. Trading strategy optimization by means of calculation of the ratio of mathematical expectation to mean-square deviation of trading results (recommended).
  5. Trading strategy optimization by means of calculation of the percentage difference between “Net Profit” and “Gross Loss” (“Custom”).
  6. Working with two strategies you can choose five best results of optimization for each of them (recommended).
  7. Ability to check occurrence of opened order losses before opening trades and not to open trades against price movement.
  8. Calculate a volume (lot) for a trade in percentage of free margin automatically.
  9. Unique Magic Identifier is assigned to each timeframe which guarantees unique character of the identifier when timeframe is changed.
  10. Ability to choose among different trading models: just an opening price, opening price and each tick, or just tick prices.
  11. Automatic closing of trades according to readings of indicators. Dealing center cannot see your profit levels or loss limitations. It might be important in certain cases.
  12. Ability to set your type of positions to be opened for each choice. Names of positions (long/short) indicate that they are not symmetric and require different parameters.
  13. Ability to change sensitivity of indicators which measure tool price fluctuations; indicators’ readings for prices (2; 4 and 3; 5 fraction digits) differ.
  14. Recording open, modification, order closing errors, and similar information to the Experts journal. Alert notifications are forcedly recorded.
  15. Ability to send e-mails about all Alert incidents and the expert’s initialization to your mailbox. It is important if you use the Virtual Server (VPS). You will always know about critical events and time of server rebooting whether it is prescheduled or not. But first Mail function has to be allowed and set in Meta Trader 4 settings.

Test results:

Forex PROFESSIONAL Expert Advisor


Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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