Forex Proactive Plan Robot

The Forex Proactive Plan Robot uses several strategies of pending and market orders for trading. You can setup fully-automated mode or semi-automated mode (you open the trade and the expert manages the rest). Expert uses advanced trading algorithm with flexible risk management settings.

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The expert is applicable to all symbols and also works via the mobile app MT4.

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Forex Proactive Plan Robot


— General settings — 

  • Magic number  – unique ID (number >=0) for expert transactions
  • Lot size – lot size
  • Stop Loss (0-disable) – stop-loss level in pips
  • Take profit (0-disable) – profit level in pips
  • SMART ORDERS (1-Yes, 0-No) – on/off for SMART ORDERS settings
  • SMART TRAIL (1-Yes, 0-No) – on/off for SMART TRAILING settings
  • Slippage – max price slippage while opening transaction (in pips)


— SMART ORDERS settings —

Settings for SMART-ORDER mode. Here You define the strategy for the expert: automatic or SELF trading. For automatic mode you choose a specific or ALL signals.

  • Order trade type – list of trade types (Buy, Sell, Buy and Sell)
  • Min PricetoOrder gap (10+) – min gap between price and order (10+ pips)
  • Min OrdertoOrder gap (10+)  – min gap between the orders (10+ pips)
  • Order signal type – list of signal types for SMART-ORDERS: 
    1.  Self – Self-trading mode with the general settings and SMART-TRAILING option
    2. EMA-zing – order signals based on exponential moving average EMA (short, mid, long)
    3. OBV divergence/convergence – order signal based on divergence / convergence  from On-Balance-Volume (OBV) indicator
    4. Support /Resistance level –  order signal based on support (purchase) or resistance (sale) levels
    5. Trend lower edge/upper edge – order signals based on lower (purchase) or upper (sale) borders of trend channel
    6. ALL – orders for all defined signals based on their priority (see below).
  • Signal timeframe –  list of time frames for signals
  • Wash orders (1-yes, 0-No) – on/off for orders removal settings for Self mode
  • Wash range – range for orders removal in both directions from the price (in pips) for Self mode
  • Max Order life (hours) – time for orders removal (in hours) 
  • Order offset (0-100 pips) – shift of orders towards the current price


— SMART TRAIL settings —

Settings for SMART-TRAIL mode. If regular trailing moves stop-loss closer to the price when you are in profit, SMART-TRAILING floats along with the price while you are already in profit to overcome price reverses within the trend.

  • Follow price mode (1-Yes, 0-No) – on/off for SMART-TRAIL mode
  • Regular trailing stop (10+) – regular trailing activation (min 10+ profit pips)
  • Price impulse (pips) – min price change (in pips) for SMART-TRAIL activation

— Trade limitation settings —

Limitation settings for loss trades (OR-type conditions). Value – settings are off.

  • time_order_limit (minute) – time limit for activation same loss-order (in minutes)
  • price_change_limit (%)  price change limit for activation same loss-order (in %)
  • Trade sessions – choice of one specific or all Forex trade sessions


— EMA signal settings 

  • The period settings for EMA-zing signal (EMA-shortEMA-midEMA-long) in days
  • ATR period –  period settings for Average True Range indicator used in SMART-TRAIL logic


— Stop and Reverse settings —

Settings are made to analyze the shape of last candles using the Price Action method looking for signals on possible price reversal in the case of losing trade. With the received signal, the expert closes current losing trade and at the same time opens (just once) a reversed trade position with a double lot size same keeping the same general settings.

  • Breakout_mode (Yes/No) – on/off breakout mode
  • Loss _% – loss in % of the stop-loss level
  • Last_Pinbar_tails (%) – the length of the last bar’s tails (in %)


— Signal Priority settings —

Priority settings for ALL signals mode (see ORDER SIGNAL TYPE settings above). The higher is the set number for a signal, the higher is the priority of that signal in the ALL mode. Example of values for signal priority: ​​from 10 to 1. With the 0 value – chosen signal is turned off.

— Additional settings –

  • Draw Signal Lines (true/false) – on/off settings for drawing of signals on chart
  • Historical bar quantity (max=1000) – historical number of the bars used for defining all signals except for EMA-zing signal (max = 1000 bars)

Forex Proactive Plan Robot For Metatrader 4


Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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