Forex News Release Pro Robot

Forex News Release Pro Robot is an expert to trade about economic news uses pending orders.

Expert receives data for events from ‘‘.”

The expert can trade up 28 (31 with yuan) pairs from one chart.

Expert has the option for manual strategy (user strategy) or uses one of five included strategies.

Expert has analyzer for any trade to show information for any currency and any pair to help trader to make better strategy.

Include Strategies

  1. Custom_Stategy – There are too many options to make/build own strategy.
  2. Recovery_Orders_Strategy – If an order close in the loss, then expert open a new opposite market order to recover losses.
  3. Basket_Orders_Strategy – Expert if triggered all pending orders, close all as one in profits or losses.
  4. Separate_Orders_Strategy – Expert manage each order separated.
  5. Replace_Orders_Strategy – Expert open a new pending order if the triggered order has close in the loss.

Test results:

Forex News Release Pro Robot

  • Parameters:

    ModeReadNews = Read news every tick or every minutes.

    StrategyToUse = Use custom strategy or one of the predefined include strategies.

    MoneyManagement = Automatically money management.

    RiskFactor = Risk factor for money management.

    ManualLotSize = Manual lot size.

    MinutesBeforeNewsStart = Minutes to start trade before news released.

    MinutesAfterNewsStop = Minutes to stop trade after news released.

    TradeOneTimePerNews = Trade one time per news open again orders if closed first order.

    ImpactToTrade = Impact of news to trade.

    IncludeSpeaks = Trade on speaks.

    XXX_TradeInNewsRelease = Trade on XXX currency news released.

    XXX_TimeStartSession = Time start trade on XXX currency news released.

    XXX_TimeEndSession = Time stop trade on XXX currency news released.

    XXX_Trade_AAABBB = Trade AAABBB pair on XXX currency news released.

    DistancePendingOrders = Distance for pending orders.

    UseModifyPending = Modify pending orders.

    StepModifyPending = Step to modify pending orders.

    DelayModifyPending = Delay to modify pending orders.

    ModifyAfterEvent = Modify pending orders after event.

    DeleteOrphanPending = Delete pending order if triggered one of both on the same pair.

    DeleteOrdersAfterEvent = Delet pending orders after event.

    MinutesExpireOrders = Time expiry pending orders.

    UseTralingStopLoss = Use traling stop loss.

    UseStopLoss = Use stop loss.

    OrdersStopLoss = Ordes’ stop loss.

    UseTakeProfit = Use take profit.

    OrdersTakeProfit = Orders’ take profit.

    CloseOrdersAfterEvent = Close market orders after event.

    CloseAllOrdersAsOne = Close all orders as one (basket).

    WaitToTriggeredAllOrders = Wait for to triggered all pending orders before close all as Level to close in loss all orders as Level to close in profit all orders as Open a new pending order if a order close in loss.

    RunReplaceAfterNewsEnd = Run recovery mode after news released.

    ReplaceOrdersStopLoss = Stop loss for replace orders.

    ReplaceOrdersTakeProfit = Take profit for replace orders.

    DeleteOrphanIfGetProfit = Delete remained pending order if triggered has close in profit.

    UseRecoveryMode = Open a new market order if loss a order.

    RunRecoveryAfterNewsEnd = Run recovery mode after news released.

    RecoveryMultiplierLot = Multiplier recovery order’s lot size.

    RecoveryOrdersStopLoss = Stop loss for recovery orders.

    RecoveryOrdersTakeProfit = Take profit for recovery orders.

    RunAnalyzerTrades = Expert check history orders and get results for each order separated.

    ShowInfoTime = Show information about time news in minutes or DD/HH/MM format.

    TextColorX = Color for text on chart.

    DeletePendingInExit = Delete pending orders if unload expert.

    DeleteObjectsAfterEvent = Delete object of chart after event.

    PairPrefix = Pair prefix.

    Slippage = Orders’ slippage.

    MagicNumber = Orders’ magic number.

    OrdersComments = Orders’ comment.

Free Download

Forex News Release Pro Robot for MetaTrader 4


Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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