Forex NevalyashkA Expert Advisor

Forex NevalyashkA Expert Advisor review:

I offer you the adviser “NEVALASHKA”
“NEVALASHKA” is a multi-functional expert Advisor designed for trading on major currency pairs. The EA has a large number of settings that allow you to conduct conservative or aggressive trading of financial instruments.

The adviser’s algorithm
The EA opens a single order based on a certain combination of the MACD and ADX indicators and closes this order using Take Profit or Trailing Stop. If a single order is not closed, then a pair order is opened and orders are averaged depending on the market situation TREND or FLAT. When FLAT, unidirectional orders are averaged; when TREND, multidirectional orders are averaged. For more details, the algorithm of the “NEVALASHKA” adviser can be seen in the diagram shown in figure 1.

Recommendations for optimizing and testing the adviser

The parameters for trading on the EUR/USD pair are set in the adviser settings. Figure 2 shows the checkboxes for parameters and their range for optimization. Figure # 3 #4 shows the test schedule and report.

Please note that before installing the adviser, you need to optimize the quotes and currency pairs of your broker and based on your trading style, select the parameters and test the adviser.

It is very important to choose the period for optimization. My recommendations for this adviser are as follows. On the weekly chart, figure 5, you need to select areas with a strong trend, with a flat, with a very small flat where the value of the price fluctuation is 300-400 points, areas where there are false breakouts of support and resistance levels. On the EUR/USD pair, this is from April 1, 2014 (you can take a longer period for this may take longer with the same results) to the present time, you need to optimize and test this section to see how the “NEVALASHKA” adviser trades in different market conditions.

The minimum Deposit amount is $500.

From the point of view of reducing risks when trading with the “NEVALASHKA” expert Advisor, testing optimization and trading takes place on the chart-H4

Advantage of the “NEVALASHKA” adviserĀ»

“NEVALASHKA” is a children’s toy that rises from any position. The “NEVALASHKA” expert Advisor rises from any position like a child’s toy and even makes a profit from losing orders. The adviser was written by an international group of programmers. when writing the adviser, the main task was to provide comfortable and safe trading of major currency pairs.

The adviser has implemented a number of advanced ideas:

-Implemented the principle of locking orders. If the price has moved far from the open order and the adviser recognizes the trend, then an order will be opened in the direction of the trend, orders will be averaged and closed with a total profit.

– Implemented an automatic principle for calculating the optimal lot size.

– Implemented the principle of forced closing of pair orders with profit at the maximum drawdown level set by the trader.

– Implemented the principle of closing orders on the signal of the MACD indicator. this allowed the expert Advisor to close orders more correctly taking into account the ending trend.

– Implemented the ability to open orders manually with integration into the order algorithm of the “NEVALASHKA” expert AdvisorĀ»

Test results:

Forex NevalyashkA Expert Advisor

Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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