Forex Mother of dragons Robot

Forex Mother of dragons Robot review:

Impulse movements in the Forex market are formed constantly. The peculiarity of such market segments is that the chart covers a considerable distance in short periods of time.
In addition to the chance for earnings, such fragments indicate the position of important support and resistance zones, and the chart reacts to them in the future.
Next, we will analyze the Mother of dragons expert Advisor and pulse levels and find out how to use it in – occur when publishing news of the first magnitude that is very different from the expectations of experts.
They are more typical for Forex, and force majeure occurs on the stock market, but less often.
Such spurts can develop into a protracted trend, can end in nothing, provoked by large players after the crowd in the termination zone gains volume.
As a result of entering the market with a solid lot, we get a sharp breakdown of the accumulation-distribution zone, and a confident movement in the direction of the breakdown. Crowd stops and pending orders are triggered,
someone enters the market in pursuit, this gives “fuel” to continue the spurt. After the pulse is exhausted, a new termination zone begins.After a good impulse,
the Forex Mother of dragons Robot opens pending orders,and when triggered,the EA will shuffle the stop loss without loss.

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Mother of dragons scalper breakdown strategy;
This expert Advisor is a clean scalp system;
Works well in XAUUSD with a narrow spread and low Commission;
Choosing a broker with fast execution and zero stop level;
Default settings for XAUUSD.



Leverage: 1:500;
IC Markets broker;
Account :RAW SPREAD;
VPS hosting is recommended;
Timeframe: M30.

Test results:

Forex Mother of dragons Robot


  • TradeComment – order comment;
  • Magic Number – magic number;
  • Slippage – maximum allowed slippage;
  • MaxSpread – maximum allowed spread;
  • FixedLot – fixed trading lot size;
  • Money_Management – Money_Management;
  • Risk – risk per trade (in percent);
  • StartHour – trading start hour;
  • EndHour – trading end hour;
  • GMTOffset – time zone (GMT);
  • Trailing – trailing stop distance (in points);
  • StartTrailing – trailing stop start (in points);
  • StopLoss – fixed stop loss value;
  • TakeProfit – fixed profit target.


Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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