Forex Miser 4 Expert Advisor

Forex Miser 4 Expert Advisor review:

Miser 4 is an intraday trading system that makes profit on short-term price movements.

The Forex Miser 4 Expert Advisor is optimized for several currency pairs. Optimized parameter set files published in product news

You can get acquainted with the EA operation statistics for different brokers on different instruments in the Trading Signals section for MetaTrader 5.

It is possible to include martingale, which requires special care .

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Management of risks:

  • enter allotted funds – (<= 0-OFF, <= 2.0 – coefficient,> 2.0 – directly amount)
  • enter volume – input volume. With a value greater than 0 – the number of lots, with a value less than 0 – the percentage of available funds, with a value of 0 – entry is suspended.
  • factor of volume – input volume multiplier (when value <= 0 is disabled) (= 0-disabled, <
  • limit of number of addition – limit the number of position increments.
  • limit step additions – adjust the amount of indentation topping up (Points)
  • MarginLevel threshold stop expert – threshold level of margin for stopping position building. At 0, there is no stop.
  • Expert stopped limit on the spread – spread deviation limit (<= 0-OFF)
  • slippage – price deviation limit

Position tracking:

  • take_profit – the number of points to set Take Profit (0 – not set, less than 0 – Take Profit by indicator).
  • stop_loss – the number of points to set Stop Loss (<= 0 – not set).
  • trailing_stop – the number of points to set the Trailing Stop (<= 0 – Trailing Stop is disabled).

Take Profit and Stop Loss are hidden, that is, stop orders are not placed. When you enable Trailing Stop, stop loss orders are placed.

Parameters of the main strategy settings:

  • iS time frame – time frame of the Stochastic Oscillator indicator
  • iS KPeriod – K-period of the indicator
  • iS DPeriod – indicator D-period
  • iS Slowing – Indicator Slow Value
  • iS Range – indicator swing
  • iB1 time frame – timeframe of the first Bollinger Bands indicator.
  • iB1 period – period of the first indicator
  • iB1 bound – swing of the first indicator
  • iB2 time frame – time frame of the second indicator
  • iB2 period – period of the second indicator
  • iB2 bound – swing of the second indicator

Additional indicator settings:

  • tick Fast EMA period – fast period for a tick indicator.
  • tick Slow EMA period – slow period for a tick indicator.
  • tick Signal SMA period – the signal period for the tick indicator.

Time Filter Parameters:

  • GoodHourOfDay, BadHoursOfDay, GoodDayOfWeek, BadDaysOfWeek – are similar to the parameters of the intraday temporary filter of the standard library .
  • time filter ban interval , time filter allow interval – prohibit / allow filter intervals in string form. Line format: [day]: [first hour] – [last hour]. Examples .
  • time filter hours shift – hourly filter shift.

Other parameters:

  • INSTRUMENT NAME – the name of the optimized tool.
  • magic number – magic number for all orders placed by the adviser.
  • Note – Comments

Test results:

Forex Miser 4 Expert Advisor



Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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