Forex Min Max Catcher Robot

Forex Min Max Catcher Robot review:

The Forex Min Max Catcher Robot trades on the roll-back from the previous High/Low values on the basis of the standard ZigZag indicator.

You can specify different ways to achieve profit – as a percentage of the deposit, or a fixed value of TP, as well as to limit potential losses using SL.

You can use any timeframe. The lower the timeframe, the more trades and extremums. Recommended symbols are EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD and USDJPY.

The filter indicators are Stochastic and Moving Average.

It is advisable not to overstate the risks and use this product on several pairs with minimal drawdown.

Test results:

Forex Min Max Catcher Robot


  • Comment – trade comment.
  • Magic – magic number.
  • MM – risk management.
  • Risk – risk management percentage.
  • Lots – fixed lot.
  • CloseAll_ProfitProc – reach the profit equal to a specified percentage of the deposit.
  • CloseAll_from_CountOrd – accelerate reaching the profit percentage by dividing the number of open trades. If the grid is enabled, the specified percentage is divided by the amount of open grid orders in order to quickly approach the profit.
  • TP_pips – take profit value.
  • SL_pips – stop loss value.
  • EarlyOpen – early order opening. The order is placed short of the previous ZigZag High/Low by a specified amount of points.
  • Multiply – factor when using a grid.
  • Martin – enable the grid.
  • Step – step of opening new grid orders.
  • Slippage – slippage.
  • MaxOrders – maximum number of grid orders.
  • CloseAfterTP – disable the EA after closing all positions.
  • Stoch_ON – enable Stochastic filter.
  • Stoch_K_Period – Stochastic period.
  • Stoch_D_Period – Stochastic period.
  • Stoch_Slowing – Stochastic period.
  • Stoch_BuyLevel – buy below that level.
  • Stoch_SellLevel – sell above this level.
  • ZZ_Depth – ZigZag value.
  • ZZ_Deviation – ZigZag value.
  • ZZ_Backstep – ZigZag value.
  • MA_ON – enable the filter to determine the trend. Sell High during a downtrend, buy Low during an uptrend.
  • MA_TF – MA timeframe.
  • MA_1_Period – fast MA period.
  • MA_2_Period – slow MA period.
  • MA_Price – MA price type.
  • MA_Method – MA smoothing method.
  • Hour_Start – EA launch time.
  • Hour_End – EA stop time.
  • Day_Start – launch the EA on weekdays (1 – Monday).
  • Day_End – stop the EA on weekdays (5 – Friday).

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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