Forex Manual Bliss Robot

Forex Manual Bliss Robot review:

Forex Manual Bliss Robot can instantly turn you into a profitable manual trader!!

Note: It is the same as MANUAL TRADE MANAGER, but has an extra Signal for you to be able to backtest and see in the strategy tester how it works!

For manual trading you MUST set Signal to FALSE!

Many people don’t trust Experts and they have many reasons.

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There are many scams, poorly developed experts or they aren’t profitable in the first place .

Choose to become a profitable manual trader and take over full control with the help


MANUAL BLISS is your friend and professional trade manager. It keeps a cool head and stays disciplined even in heated up or boring situations.

You choose to enter a trade based on your technical analysis , an indicator or a signal and MANUAL BLISS will manage your position and lead you through the jungle on your way to profits!!

Choose ANY timeframe and ANY Forex pair!!


It identifies your trade (market order or pending) and manages it using a Dynamic Grid Algorithm (D.G.A.) that is adaptive to volatility . The trade management algorithm (together with excellent entry rules) has proven to be profitable in my two experts available on the market over a period of the last 17 years using real tickdata. Some experienced traders even argue that position management is even more important than the actual entry!

Money Management

You should choose a reasonable lot size and I recommend 0.05 lot/1000 $ (  if you only trade one pair)

This is important to notice so you don’t run out of margin to close the trade in profit!!

The more pairs you trade together the smaller your lot size should be.

You have the choice that MANUAL BLISS manages your position using the same lot sizes for grids, or increase lot sizes of grids if the position goes into drawdown .

Using same lot sizes is safer,  increasing lot sizes is faster to lead to profits.


  • Turn to FALSE for Trading!!  –  Must be set to false
  • Enable Grids  –  true/false (true recommended)
  • Total Loss Risk per Chart/Pair –  Risk in percent
  • Lot multiplication factor  –  Set to 1.0 (default) for pure grid
  • Maximum Lotsize –  Here you can cap the max. Lotsize
  • Maximum open Positions  – Set value or leave at default
  • Grid Distance – Adaptive to volatility. Set minimum pip distance
  • Maximum Spread – Set or leave at default
  • Trade comment – MANUAL BLISS
  • Profit target – Value in pips (don’t set too high!)
  • Trailingstop – true/false
  • Trailingstep – Value in pips

Test results:

Forex Manual Bliss Robot



Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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