Forex MACD the GREAT Robot

Forex MACD the GREAT Robot review:

Forex MACD the GREAT Robot trades based on MACD moves with the help of three more indicators.

Once the EA has reading from MACD it creates lines on the chart and with the help of volume it opens trades between them.


Initial balance: 1000$
TF :15M but the EA trades on any with the right adjustments based on the MACD levels for higher TF.(PLS contact me for instructions if you want higher TF )
Different magic number for each chart.

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2_Ro_Value:Below the specific negative reading of MACD the EA sets its buy lines.
12_Ro_Value:Above the specific positive reading of MACD the EA sets its sell lines.
****If you are facing Big DD mostly in high volatile pairs,change input above to higher than 0.0035 and -0.0035
****Once the lines appear YOU CAN MOVE them (one or more) to another level you wish OR DELETE them by double click on them.

Then,if the price crosses BELOW the Gold line,a short will open.If the price crosses ABOVE the aqua line,a LONG position will open !!!

RangePips:Minimum Distance up and down in average between trades.
InitialLots:Starting lot
MultiplyOnLoss:Multiplier of the first position
ProfitAmountPips:The pips in profit before a trade is closed.
CompareCount:The number of maximum open positions(one input for longs one for shorts)
Minutes Period:Depending on the TF you use the EA,you set the minutes accordingly.
*TEST ONLY WITH EVERY TICK (due to the fact that the EA draws a lot of lines,it will run slowly,BUT MUST BE condacted with every tick or else it will be inaccurate.)

*DO NOT SET HIGH LOT SIZE with small account.

What you can do for bigger profits:

HINT for better performance (if you can monitor the EA once a day):

Attach the stochastic indicator 100 / 3 / 3 at the 1H and 4H Timeframe in any pair.

If you find a pair that is overbought in both periods,set the EA to SELL ONLY and close it when the stochastic at 1H touches the ovesold area.

The same for buys.

Test results:

Forex MACD the GREAT Robot



Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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