Forex Krimbler Expert Advisor

Forex Krimbler Expert Advisor review:

Krimbler is a highly profitable, easily customizable Expert Advisor and semi-automated tool. It makes profits using market volatility, it detects corrections and divergence and uses MACD & CCI values as its entry & exit signals.

Krimbler offers a wide range of settings, presenting endless possibilities to find best configuration for almost every market situation, currency or timeframe.


Krimbler consists of several handy tools we call modules. Each module is responsible for its own specific functionality and has a number of preset methods. Those very methods will give you the ability to set up a profitable system.

  • HUNTER – a signal module, that detects entry points, using 4 different methods.
  • CONFIRMATOR – a confirmation tool, that has 8 different methods to confirm signals, provided by HUNTER. It uses MACD, CCI or both indicators simultaneously.
  • KEEPER – a limiting tool, that doesn’t allow your orders to be placed too close to each other.
  • LINES – a tool, that prevents EA from placing orders outside of certain resistance & support levels.
  • GUARD – a great module to control and manage your losing positions. It uses 7 methods to limit account drawdown, such as simple forced closing of all your positions or more sophisticated methods that gradually cover losses with profits.
  • CHASER – a basic tool to cut losses as soon as possible. It allows EA to eliminate account drawdown quickly but can also limit the profits.
  • KOLLECTOR – a primary module to collect profits. It has 4 methods to detect the right time to close orders.
  • SCALPER – is an alternative module for managing profits, which tries to close orders, detecting specific candles types.

Krimbler can be a very useful tool for those traders who have experience with risk management and exposure management. Novice traders should be very careful. Krimbler has its own basic stoploss settings, but the best way to use EA is to allow reasonable amount of drawdown and to control losses mostly using only GUARD module, as it manages positions as a whole.

Recommended minimal deposit for this EA is $1,000 with minimum lot size 0.01, or $10,000 with minimum lot size of 0.1.

EA is evaluated every bar, not every tick. We welcome every trader to try this EA as a demo or buy it for our special price of $24.99. The offer will be available till August 31, 2014.

Take a look at screenshots, study settings thoroughly. Be profitable!

Test results:

Forex Krimbler Expert Advisor


  • No New Orders – prevent EA from placing new orders
  • Lots – manual lot size
  • MoneyManagement – on/off; automatic lot size
  • MMrisk – percentage of account to risk if mm is on
  • Currency – is a very important setting to make EA work properly. The right value depends on your account currency and currency pair. For example, for USD account – setting for EURUSD pair should be 1.33, for USDJPY pair – 1. For example, for RUR account – setting for EURUSD pair should be – 47, for USDJPY pair – 33 (use current exchange rates)
  • Filter Pips – Distance for placing stop/limit orders (also consider your broker’s stopvalues)
  • TradeTimeStart – Hour to start trading
  • TradeTimeEnd – Hour to stop trading
  • NumPos – Maximum number of all positions
  • LimitByDir – Maximum number of positions by direction (or 0)
  • HUNTER – 4 Methods to detect entry signals (1-4)
  • CONFIRMATOR – 8 Methods to confirm entry signals (1-8)
  • KEEPER – Value to set apart orders (amount in currency) (or 0)
  • Signal Speed – Frequency of signals; fast(0), slow(1)
  • Enter Type – Orders Types: market(1), stop(2), limit(3)
  • Breakeven – Value to break-even orders (amount in currency) (or 0)
  • LINES – method to prevent EA from placing orders outside of support & resistance levels; daily levels(1-3), weekly levels(4-6), monthly levels(7-9); or 0
  • GUARD – 7 methods to limit account drawdown (1-7; 0 – off)
  • GUARD Trigger Drawdown – Value to activate GUARD (amount in currency) (0 – off)
  • CHASER – Value to activate CHASER (amount) (0 – off)
  • KOLLECTOR – 4 methods to collect profits (1-4)
  • SCALPER – 3 methods for Scalper (or 0)
  • Takeprofit – basic takeprofit (close all positions upon reaching aggregated takeprofit; amount in currency)
  • Tradybytime – close all positions by time (every 12 hours, 24 hours, 4872, 120) (or 0)
  • SL on/off – Enable Stoploss for every position
  • SL manual amount – Value for stoploss (Amount in currency; 0 – to enable auto calculation)
  • SL auto – Method to calculate SL: atrlow (3-bar low), % (percentage of account)
  • SL auto: atr – ATR period for stoploss calculation
  • SL auto: atr multiplier – Multiplier for atr sl method
  • SL auto: % – Percentage of account to calculate SL
  • Expire SL – Delete SL after set period of time (in minutes)
  • Trail SL – Enable Trailing SL (0 – off, or Amount in Currency)
  • AutoDD – Experimental Feature: Autocalculate Trigger Drawdown for GUARD module

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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