Forex IA Sar Moving Robot

Forex IA Sar Moving Robot review:

Forex IA Sar Moving Robot is a multi-functional expert Advisor based on Parabolic SAR and Moving Average indicators with flat movement filtering that uses pending orders to enter the market. Many parameters of the expert Advisor allow you to set up trading for any currency pair. There is also a built-in function for trading a network of orders, the standard settings are set for the EURUSD pair on the H1 timeframe for grid trading, the network of orders does not reduce the Deposit to 0 in the period from 1999 to the present. All settings are registered for a 5-digit broker.

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You should always keep in mind the risks when trading.
It is not recommended to use the percentage calculation of the lot when trading a network of more than 2%.
Before applying other settings, timeframe, or when using a different currency pair, you should run tests in the strategy tester.
You can’t leave your advisors unattended for a long time.
It is recommended to use a VPS server for the EA operation.
The minimum amount for network trading is $ 100.
Indicator parameters

MA_period_fast-fast moving average period
MA_method_fast-averaging method
MA_price_fast-price for averaging
MA_period_slow – slow moving average period
MA_method_slow-averaging method
MA_price_slow-price for averaging
SAR_step – step of changing prices
SAR_max – maximum step change in the price
The parameters of the EA
Magic-number (magic) of the indicator
Max_spread – maximum spread for the EA to work (if set to 0, the spread filter is disabled)
Lot-lot for opening orders
LotsPercent-calculation of the lot from the Deposit percentage (if the value is 0, the function is disabled)
Deposit_for_percent – the specified Deposit for the percentage calculation of the lot (if the value is 0 and LotsPercent is greater than 0, the percentage calculation is based on the Deposit amount)
Slippage – maximum slippage
Traiding_mode – type of trade (network/single order)
Traiding_type_mode-a parameter that tells the EA to trade one or two types of orders (if two types of orders are traded and a Buy / Sell order is opened, the EA can start looking for the best price to open the opposite order)
Limit_order_step-indent in points of the pending order from the indicator
Comment_-order comment
Profit/loss fixing parameters
Take_Profit-fixing profit in points for single trading mode
Stop_Loss_mode-select the setting for fixing losses / in points/by the nearest minimums-maximums of prices/by the indicator
Stop_Loss-fixing a loss for a classic stop
SL_step-indent of loss fixing in the modes for the nearest minimums-maximums of prices/by the indicator
Trailing_mode-trailing stop methods in points/by the nearest lows-price maximums/by the indicator/trailing is disabled
Trailing_stop-value for classic trailing in points
The parameters of the trade network orders
First_TP-profit taking for the first order
Second_TP-profit taking for 2 or more orders
Max_grid – the maximum number of open order networks (if set to 0, trade is conducted without restrictions, and if set to 0, the counter of the maximum order networks is reset to zero)
PointStep-indent in points to search for opening a second or more orders
Lot_sum – type of lot increase (classic 00.1-00.2-00.3/ martingale 00.1-00.2-00.4)

Test results:

Forex IA Sar Moving Robot



Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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