Forex Forex Trend 850 Robot

Forex Forex Trend 850 Robot review:

Forex Trend 850 is a fully automated and customizable Expert Advisor. Automatic identify the trend and adjust buy/sell trades ratio to increase capital.


  EA Settings: Use default settings or customized as needed.
  Symbol: EURUSD
  Time Frame: M30 (best) M5-H1
  Brokers: ECN brokers, low spread/commission, 1:200-500+ leverage
  Minimum Deposit required: $1, Risk computed on account free margin balance-equity
  It is recommended to do your backtest with your Broker and adjust parameters accordingly.


Fully customizable EA. Settings included for M30. However, you can change any parameter as needed.  Automatic and customizable Buy or Sell TREND RATIO, Break even and trailing stop, money management, Limit buy/sell trades follow the market higher (H4-D1) time trend. Works 24Hrs.

G1=*** EMA Parameters ***
FMA_Period=8                   MAverage
TMA_Period=50                 MAverage
SMA_Period=100               MAverage
CMA_Period=5                  MAverage
MA_Mode=1                      SMA=0,EMA=1,SMMA=2,LWMA=3
Shift=0                             Index previous  period

G2=*** MA Distance Parameters ***
FT_MinDist=2                     Min distant
FT_MaxDist=1000               Max distant

G3=*** Time Frame ****
TimeFrame=0                0 is current Chart , 1=M1,5=M15..

G4=*** Trading Parameters ***
AllowTrade= True or False          Allow EA to trade
AllowMultiple= True or False     Allow multiple trades. If Enable the MaxBuyTrade and MaxSellTrade are not used
TakeProfit=30                             30 pips
StopLoss=45                                45 pips (room for trades… – RR 3:2)
MaxBuyTrade=4                          Max Buy open trades at once
MaxSellTrade=4                          Max Sell open trades at once

*Automatic Trend adjustment – Take into account how many trades allowed at once…*
UPBuyRatio=1.5                          Trend UP ratio, 50% more Buy trades
UPSellRatio=0.5                           Trend UP ratio, 50% less Sell trades
DNBuyRatio=0.5                          Trend Down ratio, 50% Less Buy trades
DNSellRatio=1.5                           Trend Down ratio, 50% more Sell trades

*Limiting trades per day/week and testing *
TotalBuyTrade=5                          Total Buy Trade (if TotalTradeLimit=true per day or testing)
TotalSellTrade=5                          Total Sell Trade (if TotalTradeLimit=true per day or testing)
TotalTradeLimit=True/False       Total trades limit (Limiting live or testing….)
MagicNumber=56850                  Magic..
G5=*** Money Management Options ***
Lots=1      Static lot size. Consider the lot sizes 1=100K, 0,1=10K, 0,01 = 1K. Need to disable the ‘UseMoneyManagment’ by set it to 0 (zero)
UseMoneyManagement=True or False               Automatic Money Management based on the RiskPercent and the account free margin.
RiskPercent=2                     Risk percentage (RP) of the account free margin. Risk 2-7% on account free margin. Notice how many trades allowed for overall Risk percentage.
Slippage=3                The “slippage” parameter is how many points you’ll allow the trade to slip and still complete the order.

G6=*** Break Even Options ***
UseBreakEven=True or False         Breakeven allow protection of initial risk amount to the entry price.
BreakEven=15                              BE at 15 pips from the entry price. Adjust based on trade management (conservative 1X Risk Amount, Moderate 0,75X Risk Amount or Aggressive 0,5X Risk Amount)

G7=*** Trailing Stop Options ***
UseTrailingStop=True or False      Usage of Trailing Stop – to follow the price movement and look more profit.
TrailAllPositions=True or False     Trail all positions (buy/sell)
TrailingProfit=True or False         Use the TrailingStop when in profit.
TrailingStop=3                             Set the Trailing Stop 3 pips away from the current price.
TrailingStep=1                             Set the Trailing Step 1 pip at the time following the current price.

G8=*** Alerts ***
ShowAlert= True of False            Set Alert to be display on Screen
ShowDebug= True of False          Set Debug to be display on Screen-journal

G9=*** RSI Parameters ***
RSI_Period=7                               Periods
RSI_Mode=3                                Mode 0=close 1=open 2=high 3=low 4=median (H+L)/2
RSI_OBL=80                                 Overbought level
RSI_OSL=20                                 Oversold level
RSI_MBL=45                                Medium level to Buy
RSI_MSL=55                                Medium level to Sell

G11=*** Indicators Options ***
UseTREND850=True                   Use the UseTREND850 indicator (leave true)

G12=*** EA Method ****
EA_Method=FOREX TREND  850      Comment when open trade

Test results:

Forex Forex Trend 850 Robot

Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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