Forex Excalibur Expert Advisor

Forex Excalibur Expert Advisor review:

Forex Excalibur Expert Advisor is a fully automated trading expert based on a trading strategy at key price levels. The expert contains an intelligent entry filter that analyzes the behavior of the price chart and ensures the selection of optimal entry points to the market. Each trade is protected by stop loss. To capture the maximum profit, an adaptive two-stage order control algorithm is used. The expert includes a module for automatic lot calculation, high spread protection, a flexible economic newsfilter, separate time and day trading filters.


  • Adaptive order control algorithm;
  • Advanced market entry filter;
  • Money management module;
  • High spread protection;
  • Each transaction contains SL, TP;
  • Suitable for 5 and 4 digit quotes;
  • Economic news filter;
  • Day and time filters;
  • Does not use indicators;
  • Easy to set up.

To activate the news filter, go to the terminal menu “Tools” >> “Options” >> “Community”. Open the ExpertAdvisors tab, activate the “Allow WebRequest for listed URL” item and add link “”. Click Ok. Set your broker GMT value to  expert’s parameter “ServerGMT”.


  • Minimum deposit $200;
  • Leverage  1:100 – 1:500;
  • Symbol: eurusd, gbpusd, usdjpy;
  • Timeframe: H1, H4 and higher;
  • Terminal: MT4.

Test results:

Forex Excalibur Expert Advisor


  • MaxLot – maximal trading lot;
  • FixLot – fixed trading lot;
  • AutoLot  – automatic lot calculation;
  • TradeRisk – risk per trade,%;
  • MinTP – take profit value, pips;
  • MaxSL – stop loss value, pips;
  • BEPoint – breakeven level, pips;
  • InitTrail – initial trailing stop, pips;
  • BasicTrail – basic trailing stop, pips;
  • Levels – number of take profit levels;
  • LevelStep – distance between TP levels;
  • SpreadFilter – high spread filter;
  • MaxSpread – maximal spread value;
  • TradeMonday – Monday trade filter;
  • TradeTuesday – Tuesday trade filter;
  • TradeWednesday – Wednesday trade filter;
  • TradeThursday – Thursday trade filter;
  • TradeFriday – Friday trade filter;
  • TimeFilter – time filter;
  • StartHour – start of trading, hour;
  • StartMinute – start of trading, min;
  • StopHour – stop trading, hour;
  • StopMinute – stop trading, min;
  • NewsFilter – economic news filter;
  • LowNews – monitoring of news with low importance;
  • DelayBeforeLow – delay before the release of news with low importance, min;
  • DelayAfterLow– delay after the release of news with low importance, min;
  • MiddleNews – monitoring of news with medium importance,min;
  • DelayBeforeMiddle – delay before the release of news with medium importance, min;
  • DelayAfterMiddle – delay after the release of news with medium importance, min;
  • HighNews – monitoring of news with high importance;
  • DelayBeforeHigh – delay before the release of news with high importance, min;
  • DelayAfterHigh – delay after the release of news with medium importance, min;
  • NFPNews – monitoring of “Non-Farm Payrolls” news;
  • DelayBeforeNFP – delay before the release of “NFP” news, min;
  • DelayAfterNFP – delay after the release of “NFP” news, min;
  • SymbolOnly – track the news of the current symbol;
  • ServerGMT – broker’s GMT value;
  • AdvancedTrade – advanced trade mode;
  • ATMLot – AT mode multiplier;
  • ATProfit – AT mode take profit level, pips;
  • ATMainLevel – AT mode basic order placing level, pips;
  • ATInitLevel –  AT mode initial order placing level, pips;
  • ATMaxDepoLoad – deposit usage, %;
  • InformationPanel – show information panel;
  • EAPerfomance – expert perfomance, %;
  • BuyOffset – offset of long positions placing level, pips;
  • SellOffset – offset of short positions placing level, pips;
  • Comments – expert orders comments;
  • Magic – unique expert orders identifier.

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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