Forex Cyber Trend Expert Advisor

Forex Cyber Trend Expert Advisor review:

CyberTrend is a fully automatic Expert Advisor based on advanced algorithms for short term trend prediction. This EA uses several custom made indicators combined with candles prediction that helps to achieve a very high-rate of winning trades.

This EA successfully passed long term back-test with real tick data (accuracy 99.9 %), variable spread, real commision and swap.

CyberTrend is also fully adjustable by user. Please read the blog to get more information about FAQ and settings parameters.


  • M15 Timeframe
  • ECN broker is always recommended for automated trading (but not limited to other brokers).
  • Leverage 1:200 or higher
  • deposit 1500 USD

Test results:

Forex Cyber Trend Expert Advisor


General Settings

  • Magic – Magic number
  • CommentOrders – Order comments
  • ShowInfoPanel – Show/Hide info panel
  • GMT – Broker GMT (usually 2 for most ECN brokers)
  • TradingMode – Pre-optimized trading modes. If you want to trade own settings in Strategy Settings section set TradingMode to “Custom”

Risk Settings

  • BaseLot – Base Lot size
  • StepLot – Step Lot size
  • MaxLot – Max Lot size
  • StopLoss – 0 (No StopLoss), > 0 (Use StopLoss)
  • MaxSlippage – Max slippage
  • UseSpreadProtection – Enable/Disable spread protection
  • MaxSpread – Max spread for spread protection
  • UseEquityProtection – Enable/Disable draw-down protection
  • CloseAtCurrencyDD – Will close all trades if draw-down in currency is greater than CloseAtCurrencyDD

Note: Whole Strategy Settings section has effect only if TradingMode is set to “Custom”

Basic Strategy Settings

  • ThresholdClose – Threshold for orders closure
  • ThresholdAdd – Threshold for orders addition
  • MaxOrders – Maximum number of placed orders

Advanced Strategy Settings

  • Predictor – Parameter for actual bars prediction
  • ConfirmDistance – Distance parameter for actual bars confirmation
  • UseLongConfirm – Enable/Disable long term bars confirmation
  • PredictorLong – Parameter for long term bars confirmation
  • LongPeriod – Period for long term confirmation
  • UseMediumConfirm – Enable/Disable Medium term bars confirmation
  • PredictorMedium – Parameter for medium term bars confirmation
  • MediumPeriod – Period for medium term confirmation

News Filter Settings

News filter never works in back-test !!

Note: For the news filter function in the terminal go to: “Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors” and add the “” to the Allowed URLs

  • HighImpactNews – Enable/Disable High impact news filter
  • HighStopMinutesBefore – Minutes before high impact news that EA won’t open new position
  • HighStopMinutesAfter – Minutes after high impact news that EA won’t open new position
  • MediumImpactNews – Enable/Disable Medium impact news filter
  • MediumStopMinutesBefore – Minutes before medium impact news that EA won’t open new position
  • MediumStopMinutesAfter – Minutes after medium impact news that EA won’t open new position
  • LowImpactNews – Enable/Disable Low impact news filter
  • LowStopMinutesBefore – Minutes before low impact news that EA won’t open new position
  • LowStopMinutesAfter – Minutes after low impact news that EA won’t open new position

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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