Forex Clown Adviser Reborn Robot

Forex Clown Adviser Reborn Robot review:

Clown Adviser Reborn – Unlike its predecessor, this Forex trading robot uses only martingale and has been improved. Don’t judge this ‘clown’ by looking at it’s face only! Entry signal decisions made with a combination of the popular standard powerful indicators Relative Strength Index,Money Flow Index and Stochastic oscillator.

Do not use other advisers you may have on the same account as this adviser depends on the whole equity alone. It’s perfectly fine to use this robot on multiple charts on same account due to it’s queue system, if one chart has open orders adviser waits to open new orders on others until it’s clear to do so.

I recommend to use ECN account and low spread currency pair


Market constantly changes from time to time, this adviser is not hyper sensitive to it but re-optimize when draw dawn getting larger, more losses then profits. Default settings was optimized on a period of approximately five months late 2018 beginning of 2019 as it’s predecessor and has not been changed with an excellent result back and forward test to present day. Keep up with a good maintenance of settings from time to time and this adviser will serve you well even tho it’s a quite simple betting type adviser.


  • No hedging or other dangerous trading techniques
  • Queue system if more then one chart traded on same account with this adviser
  • Money management – be careful with this, recommended to use default. If risk percentage based lots size used (MM=true), turn off setting ‘Lot trigger’
  • Martingale and main pending stop orders used
  • 4-5 digit brokers
  • Deposit from $200 for standard accounts – $20 for cent account
  • Turbo trading – Increase performance but also much more risky
  • Weekday manager
  • Default settings ready to be deployed on EurUsd M15


  • Money management – Fixed initial lot or risk based on account percentage
  • Auto magic – Automatic assign of magic number for each new symbol, or define your own
  • Slippage – Maximum allowed price slippage
  • Spread filter – Maximum allowed order spread
  • Turbo mode – Increase performance (Only in martingale mode)
  • Order string comment – Sets a comment to your executed orders
  • Take profit – Desired order profit in pips
  • Stop loss – Desired order stop loss in pips (Martingale mode set to ‘false’)
  • Distance – Pending stop order entry distance from price in pips
  • Pending expiration in hrs – Pending stop orders expiration set in hours
  • OCO mode – One cancel the other(If one pending stop order get hit the other automatically deleted)
  • Use martingale – True/false(True=Averaging, False= Stop & Take orders)
  • Order distance – Distance in pips between orders in martingale series
  • Lot exponent – Exponential double of initial lot (Martingale)
  • Maximal open orders – Maximum allow open orders (Martingale)
  • Close all when max orders reached – When maximum reached without take profit all closes in loss
  • Equity risk stop – Only for use with martingale
  • Equity risk percentage – Desired overall equity percentage risk
  • Indicator values – Relative Strength Index
  • Indicator values – Money Flow Index
  • Indicator values – Stochastic Oscillator
  • Weekday manager – Trading M-S on/off, start/stop hour with automatic GMT server offset adjustment

Test results:

Forex Clown Adviser Reborn Robot

Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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