Forex Breakdown Velocity Robot

Forex Breakdown Velocity Robot review:

Forex Breakdown Velocity Robot is a fully automated trading system, using which you’ll never miss a trend or sharp price movement.

The Expert Advisor uses custom indicators of trend growth and tick volume.

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Main Features

  • Low drawdown!
  • Built-in money management
  • Tight stops
  • Protection against high level of spread
  • Protection against slippage (to minimize losses and maximize profits)
  • Non-grid system
  • Not arbitrage.
  • Does not fit results with historical data
  • The maximum loss is no more than 60 points for a 5-digit broker!


  1. Risk in % (set Lot = 0) — See First Steps for risk setup instructions.
  2. Lot — the default value is 0, if you set a value > 0, Risk in % will be disabled and the fixed lot will be used.
  3. Check the maximum spread — set to true to prevent trading in case of large spread.
  4. Max value for spread — the recommended value is 9.
  5. Mode value (from 0 to 40) — for Operation Mode details see First Steps.
  6. Stop Loss — the recommended value is 50 points.
  7. Add to MAGIC number — use it when running several EAs with different parameters on different charts.
  8. Show info panel — set to false in the Strategy Tester to speed up testing and when used on VPS.

First Steps

  1. Set the risk value Risk in % (set Lot = 0) to 1% or set Lot to a minimum lot (e.g., 0.01). This will help you see the EA performance on a live account with minimal risk and check your broker. Once you receive the first profit, set the risk value of 2%. After you gain profit on the long-term period, you can set risk value to 3%. It is not recommended to further increase the risk.
  2. Set the value of Mode value (from 0 to 30) to 4 to reduce the risk of the first loss. You can then change the values ​​during optimization.
  3. The Expert Advisor works with volatile currency pairs. Better use EUR/USD, all setups and tests will be performed for this pair.


  1. ECN broker with low spread.
  2. Virtual hosting for 24 hour operation.

Test results:

Forex Breakdown Velocity Robot


Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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