Forex Break trend market Robot

Forex Break trend market Robot review:

Break trend market is a fully automated expert Advisor using an advanced search and breakdown mechanism ، Puts long positions on the highs and lows in the same direction, as it takes precisely the buy when the highs break through the uptrend and takes short positions when the lows are breached in the downside Simply.

The system does Not use the Grid, does Not use martingale and other risky strategies. All trades are protected by StopLoss !

Each trade is protected by StopLoss, each trade has built-in protection against large spreads and slippages.

All of the basic algorithms of the adviser have passed multiple tests on historical data over the past 10years, the principle of operation is

maximally adapted to the dynamics and volatility of today’s market.                                                                                                     

Notice / Expert Delete pending trades when trend changes based on moving

This expert can be used in your preferred trading method depending on the trend breakout strategy.

  • Use VPS server.
  • Low spreads + low commissions + quality execution.
  • You can start with an amount 100 dolar

Test results:

Forex Break trend market Robot


This indicator has been incorporated to identify peaks and lows


========RSI+CCI  INDICATORS==========

These indicators are combined to determine the momentum value

“=========Moving Average=========”;

This indicator is integrated for the position filter

========= Business parameters =========

Otstup_point_b     =    The distance between the order and the extreme suction FROM BUY

Otstup_point_s     =       The distance between the order and the extreme suction FROM SELL

TP_buy           =    TP_buy       0 =Off

SL_buy           =      SL_buy       0 = Off

TP_sell          =      TP_sell        0 = Off

SL_sell          =     SL_sell          0 = Off


win_USD=0   W=”%win_USD%    =      Profit percentage

Loss_USD=0 L=”%Loss_USD%”     =  Percentage loss


========Parametre TrailingStop ========= “;

Start_BU         =        Conversion to profitability (in points) 0= Off

Level_BU         =     Profitability level (in points) 0 = Off

TrailingStop     =      TrailingStop  0 = Off

TrailingStep     =       TrailingStep

========= TrailingStop With fractel =========

TrailingStopFr   =   true / TrailingStop With fractel

mm=”========= Money Managment =========

Lots             =      Lots Manuel

USE_MM           =    true  /  USE_MM

Risk             =   USE_MM

========= Closing and deleting your order Friday =========

Closing deals on Friday

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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