Forex ASIM BOT LITE Robot review:

The trading robot is continuously modified and improved.

Why an Expert Advisor? Any successful trader can confirm that 70-80% of success is conditional upon your behavior, the ability to stick to your trading strategy, refraining from entering the market without signals, whenever you feel like, and ensuring that you take profit and stop loss at the right moment. This is where Expert Advisors have a distinct advantage. When trading with an EA, all psychological factors are excluded. A trading robot will never feel like opening with a bigger lot to gain more or entering without a proper signal.

A.S.I.M. BOT is a multi-currency Expert Advisor that can trade all instruments that have available ASIM CONTRACT data: AUDJPY, AUDUSD, EURAUD, EURGBP, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPAUD,GBPJPY, GBPUSD and USDJPY. This enables you to create your own portfolio. The databases are updated once a month after the optional expiration and the Expert Advisor opens positions accordingly. The data are available from 2008 and the backtesting was carried out from 2008 to date. The Expert Advisor employs the three-order system algorithm of the ASIM-contract analytic system. Working time frame is D1.


You can attach the Expert Advisor to your preferred currency pairs with the necessary MM parameters and safely day-trade in the terminal, thus using the trading robot to help you.

Alternatively, you can use the Expert Advisor on a VPS server or on a separate account in the terminal for investment purposes, rather than market speculation. This is a medium-term trading robot which does not open many positions per month, so you do not have to continuously monitor it. It is a convenient tool for an investor.

Before running the Expert Advisor for the first time, make sure that it is activated and the option allowing the Expert Advisor to trade is enabled.

Description of Settings:

All values are entered using the old point system, except for forward point, which are then converted to new points by the Expert Advisor.

Test results:



  • info – displays the information window.
  • dislocation_y – vertical shift.
  • color info – text color.
  • ForvardPoint – forward point for 4 digits – specify the integer part, for 5 digits also specify the decimal part. E.g., forward point is 8.7, we enter 8 for 4 digits and 87 for 5 digits. The forward point value is written to a file so you can shut down the terminal, without interfering with the operation of the Expert Advisor.
  • lotst_ = “Lot calculation parameters (Use of ММ)”.
  • typelot = 2 – fixed lot of Lot – 1, reinvestment + %% of risk for a possible SL – 2.
  • Lot = 0.01 – minimum lot.
  • risk = 3 – percentage of risk for a possible SL.
  • rpip = 300 – SL value in points.
  • MeansType = 3 – type of funds used in lot calculation:
    • 1 – Deposit
    • 2  – Free Margin
    • 3 – Deposit or Free Margin, whichever is greater
  • TakeProft – the distance in points after which orders will be closed.
  • EnableStopLoss – enables Stop Loss.
  • StopLoss – Stop Loss value.
  • Magic – EA magic number.
  • Slippage – sets slippage.
  • OnlyLimitOrders – sets only limit orders; if disabled, it will also set Stop Buy and Stop Sell.
  • Apog_lot – double order on the Apogee level (double lot).
  • Rubicons – enables orders on the Rubicon levels.
  • Surovni – enables your levels.
  • Filename – file with your levels.
  • Expiration – deletion of pending orders.
  • Prodlenie – if 0, it deletes at the end of a level or a zone; any other value in seconds, e.g. Prodlenie = 31536000, means an extension for 1 year from the expiration time. 15768000 – 6 months, etc., any required value in seconds.

File Example:



Important: enable only ONE TRAILING STOP!

Trailing Stop:

  • MinProfit – when the profit reaches the specified value in points, the Trailing Stop kicks in.
  • TrailingStop – Trailing Stop value.
  • TrailingStep – step.
  • l – prefix for long positions.
  • s – prefix for short positions.

Universal Trailing Stop:

It can be run as a separate EA or as a script together with any EA.

Depending on the TrailingStop variable, Trailing Stop can be based on fractals, points of extremum of the previous bars or the specified number of points.

  • MinProfit – when the profit reaches the specified value in points, the Trailing Stop kicks in.
  • TrailingStop – Trailing Stop value.
  • TrailingStep – step.
  • l – prefix for long positions.
  • s – prefix for short positions.

If TrailingStop is greater than 0, the Trailing Stop will come into play with the number of points specified in the TrailingStop variable. If TrailingStop is lower than the minimum Stop level limit, the Trailing Stop will be used with minimum stops.

If TrailingStop = 0 and Tip.Fr.or.Candl=0, the Trailing Stop will be based on fractals. I.e. the Stop Loss level will be set on the first appropriate fractal.

If TrailingStop = 0 and Tip.Fr.or.Candl=1, the Trailing Stop will be based on lows/highs of the previous candlesticks.

If OnlyProfit = true, only profit orders will be modified.

If OnlyWithoutLoss = true, then, instead of the Trailing Stop, orders will only be moved to breakeven.

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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