Forex Algo Trade Scalper Robot

Forex Algo Trade Scalper Robot is a fully automated trading system. The structure of the analysis includes price movements and tick volume analysis.

The adviser makes scalping transactions throughout the day on the EUR / GBP currency pair and others on the MF TF, the positions are held for a short time. The frequency of transactions is approximately 0-4 per trading session (24 hours). Does not outsource losses. Advisor does not require optimization and any settings – set on the chart and wait.

I recommend broker for EA ICMarkets LTD

Perfect and at that moment completely safe grid trading style.

There are many other currency pairs suitable for this EA, mainly FX Minors (cross pairs).

The expert strategy has been trading manually for over 2 years. All tests were conducted with real tick data from DukasCopy, floating spread, slippage and commission. All conditions were as close as possible to the real market.


  1. Exact market entry by strategy.
  2. Advanced grid algorithm.
  3. Spread and Slip Filter.
  4. Adaptive mode. (Takes into account the best market situations)
  5. Panel trader with informative content.
  6. Four and five character support.

Test results:

Forex Algo Trade Scalper Robot

  • Parameters:

      • Risk Manager – enable / disable dynamic lot .
      • RiskPercent – risk level. Calculated on the basis of SL and balance.
      • Lots – the value of the fixed lot.
      • MaxLots – the value of the maximum allowable lot.
      • MaxPercent – maximum deposit load. To achieve this indicator, the adviser will stop trading.
      • StrategyMode – Aggressive, Conservative
      • StopLoss – limiting losses, distance between grid orders.
      • TakeProfit – profit taking.
      • EnableTrailingStop – enable / disable position tracking.
      • TrailingStop – how many points are required profit to start trailing stop.
      • TrailingStep – step trailing stop.
      • RecoveryMode – enable / disable balance recovery after loss.
      • MaxOrders – the maximum number of grid orders.
      • EnableInstinct – enable / disable tracking of grid orders. (Accompanying grid orders)
      • TrendFilter – enable / disable trend filter. (An important parameter for trading with the grid)
      • AdaptiveMode – enable / disable adaptive mode. (Adjusts the expert under the market)
      • SmartProcessing – enable / disable smart process. (Follows the opening of the order and adjusts the entry point under the market)
      • Slippage – slipping filter.
      • MaxSpread – spread filter.
      • Magic – magic number for orders.
      • UseStartTimePart1 – enable / disable – time interval for the work of an expert.
      • CloseAllOrdersOnFriday – enable / disable – closes all open orders on Friday by time.
      • TradeTimeFriday – enable / disable – a ban on trading an expert on Friday after a certain time.
      • UserInfoPanel – enable / disable the information panel. (we recommend to disconnect at tests for the history)
      • ColorBackground – background information panel.
      • ColorText – the text of the information panel.
      • NameBase – system …
      • CommentMessage – comment on expert events.

Free Download

Forex Algo Trade Scalper Robot for MetaTrader 4


Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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