Forex Ada Mar Expert Advisor

Forex Ada Mar Expert Advisor review:

Forex Ada Mar Expert Advisor is a trading robot using adaptive martingale strategy. No grid. No averaging. No indicators.


The robot uses adaptive martingale strategy. Unlike the conventional martingale, order grids and position averaging are not applied. No indicators are used.

Two pending orders are placed near the price. While the price is moving, one of the orders is triggered. After receiving a specified profit, an order is closed. In case of an unsuccessful entry, the opposite pending order is activated protecting the deposit as a stop loss. After an unsuccessful entry, a lot is increased and pending orders are placed again. The direction is defined by the price movement. Unlike averaging strategies that often lose the funds in case of long trends without corrections, this method proves to be quite efficient during trends. Also, this algorithm is good during flats.

The EA adapts to the market volatility by re-distributing the martingale level between a lot and a take profit according to the special algorithm. As a result, the martingale adverse effects are significantly alleviated, while its efficiency remains intact. Besides, the martingale effects can be alleviated even further by setting the partial compensation of losses in case of an unsuccessful market entry. Due to the adaptive algorithm, the operation reliability is greatly increased.

Usage Tips

The EA trades EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY with 5 or 4-digit quotes. The number of digits is determined automatically. The EA parameters measured in points should always be set in 5-digit quote points.

Recommended timeframes – M30 and H1.

The recommended initial deposit should not be less than $1 000. You can work with a smaller deposit (down to $200) but the risk of losses grows significantly.

It is recommended to withdraw generated profits regularly.

The default input parameters have been optimized for EURUSD H1. Optimization is required when trading other symbols and timeframes. It is recommended to optimize the following parameters: Initial take profitIndent the price, Compensation factor, Distribution factor and Expansion factor, Maximum number of active lots. Do not optimize parameters in a short period of time due to precision loss. Suitable time period for optimization is less than 6 months.


AdaMar test results with an initial deposit of $1 000 on EURUSD H1. For the period of 15 months (01.01.14 – 31.03.15), the profit is $5 779, while the maximum drawdown comprises 43%. The test results for 3 months (01.01.15 – 31.03.15) showed the profit of $1 334 and the maximum drawdown of 44%. Thus, the EA is able to recover its cost within 3 months.

Test results:

Forex Ada Mar Expert Advisor


Basic Parameters

  • Language messages – language of the EA messages (ENG – English, RUS – Russian);
  • Initial lot – initial lot;
  • Initial take profit – initial take profit, in points;
  • Indent the price – indent from the price when placing pending orders, points;
  • Compensation factor – ratio of compensating losses from a stop (0.5-1);
  • Distribution factor – ratio of distributing losses from increasing a lot (0.2-1);
  • Expansion factor – indent expansion ratio (0.3-1);
  • Maximum number of active lots – maximum available number of the current lots;
  • Delay hours – delay hours when exceeding a lot (1-23);
  • Delay minutes – delay minutes when exceeding a lot (0-59);
  • Оffset prices minimum – minimum allowable price offset during the delay, after which the operation resumes, in points;
  • Use money management – use money management (0 – no, 1 – use).

Additional Parameters

  • Color arrows opening orders BUY – BUY order open arrow color;
  • Color arrows opening orders SELL – SELL order open arrow color;
  • Color arrows closing orders BUY – BUY order close arrow color;
  • Color arrows closing orders SELL – SELL order close arrow color.

If you have purchased the product and/or you have questions, write me a private message. I will provide support.

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