Forex Active Trader Robot

Forex Active Trader Robot review:

Forex Active Trader Robot is a multi strategy Expert Advisor with preset daytrading strategy. A control panel permits getting the most out of the market. A integrated strategy builder can change the preset algorithm or the user trades own ideas. Active Trader works in any currency, default settings are for EURUSD H1 chart. Set files for other currency pairs are in the Comments section.

During live trading the control panel in the chart permits easy intervention in the trade. In tests with historical data the control panel becomes a trade simulator, e.g. to learn trading with trendlines, another strategy of this EA. The control panel and the strategy builder make testing and trading of own ideas and strategies easy.

he preset main strategy trades after a new 3 days high or low. Always just one order with StopLoss. No martingale, no grid, diversification on several pairs lowers risk.
Active Trader’s main algorithm can be seen and modified. The basic strategy is improved by filters that base on the relation of highs and lows of days, weeks and month before, which are marked in the chart.
The filters are explained in the chart and can be de/activated and tested together with other filters or alone.

Active Trader can be used fully automatic with the given algorithm or the user changes it. Or Active Trader is used semi automatic.

Trader who don’t want to ‘leave it all to a machine’ can easily intervene in live trading. A preview function shows if a buy or sell will be opened before the trade is triggered. By the control panel the decision of the EA can be modified before it opens the position. For a open trade the preset exit strategy can be modified.
Test it in visual backtests!

Understanding strategy and features of the EA enables active traders to get the most out of the system. Sometimes a algorithm can fail but even a little trained trader can improve the result. Active Trader draws relevant filter-trigger lines and trendlines into the chart. These or own trendlines can work as order open trigger or StopLoss line, simply giving the line a corresponding name. Important parameters are shown as comments in the chart, particularities like unusual chart constellations are marked.

Timing is a important! Set SetUTC (GMT) according to the timezone of your broker! (Info about your timezone is in MS Windows date and time settings – to that number add the amount of hours the clock in mt4 market watch is ahead or subtract if its back)

For a correct backtest download M5, H1, D1,W1 and MN1 data for the tested period! M1 is not necessary and makes the test very slow.

More info in Comments section!

Test results:

Forex Active Trader Robot


  • SetUTC – timezone settingDefault set UTC=2 is used by many brokers.
  • Pair: internal filters configuration. Set Pair=1 for EURUSD, 2=GBPUSD, 3=AUDUSD, 4=USDCAD, 5=USDCHF, 6=USDJPY
  • Auto_Moneymanage: automatic money management can be used
  • MiniLots: if set to true, auto money management works in steps of 0.01 lot
  • MaximumRisk: how much % of account free margin is set on risk for each trade
  • Lots: lot size if Auto_Moneymanage is disabled
  • DrawLines: horizontal lines in the chart show high and lows of former days, weeks and month.
  • BuyActive: buy on a new high
  • ReverseBuy: buy on a new low
  • StopLossBuy: distance of stop loss
  • TakeProfitB: distance from order open price in points where the order is closed for buy orders
  • SLtoEntryPointsB: distance where the stop loss is set to order open price
  • UseTrailBuy: a trailing stop saves profits
  • StartTrailBuy: distance where the  trailing stop starts acting
  • TrailDistanceBuy: distance where the  trailing stop sets SL
  • HourStartStopBuy: EA start and stop hours
  • BarsBuy: amount of bars a high must exceed to trade
  • Following special settings are explained in the comments, here the space is limited
  • HrFriStop: hour when the EA stops opening orders on Fridays (disabled set 24)
  • HrFriClose: to avoid open positions over the weekend, hour when the EA closes open orders on Fridays (disabled if set to 24)
  • NoTrYearEnd: No trading Dec 24. – year end
  • MAGICMA: magic number
  • OrderOpenAlarm: if true, a pop up window and a sound alert inform that an order is opened
  • EmailAlarm: if true, an email informs
  • PushAlarm: if true, an push notice informs

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Copy and paste the file into the MQL4 Experts folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can access this folder from the top menu as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste here)

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