Ea Gold Stuff

This topic is going to be about well know free ea gold stuff robot. Expert advisor was developed by Strukov from Russia. Robot is based on so called modified martingale system. Used to recover from a losing position. Gold stuff ea comes with many settings every user can modify. To suit their own conditions and risk tolerance. It is very important the major entry criteria of the initial order in the series. EA gold stuff download has built in indicator to figure our trend direction. The indicator is called gold stuff indicator on market. Robot is based on trend following. If you use EA on M15 chart you will need to know direction of trend on higher timeframe. Else you will get in trade against trend. Such situation can make a lot of harm if you will not have enough leverage.

Ea Gold Stuff

From picture above you can see gold stuff ea trades. Robot is being used to trade both sides. If you decide to trade on m1 or m5 timeframe. Highly recommended to track higher timeframe direction. Or you might end with margin call. In general gold stuff ea is well designed and easy to work with. Settings are well described in PDF manual. You can use this great robot on any timeframe so as instrument. But the main goal for this expert advisor remains is trading XAUUSD. You will be able to find around many preset files. Because many traders already tested this Expert.

Ea gold stuff cracked

Ea gold stuff cracked already for several months. Both version four and version five. Not a big difference between these versions. Only minor changes which does not affect robot work on any conditions. I tried using both versions and did not found any difference myself. Expert advisor gold stuff was developed both for mt4 and mt5 platforms. Myself I use mt4 platform as it is much more stable. Expert place new order at the beginning of new candle. Closes trades at take profit levels instantly. Also gold stuff recovery version exits. But I did not understood what for it is needed. Below you can check video tutorial how this great robot works:


I am testing this expert myself for already six months. You need to know that this robot is dangerous because of martingale and grid. But on the other hand it is also very profitable. You can double your account balance just in few weeks without any stress. To sum up you can download this expert advisor HERE.